New Year

Things To Do Before 2018!

It’s crazy to think that we are nearly halfway through December and as the new year approaches, i think many of us are wondering what can we do to end this year on a good and positive note. I got inspired to do this post after watching Niomi Smart’s recent video where she lists 10… Continue reading Things To Do Before 2018!

essentials · Routines

Pamper Night Essentials🌙 (Collab with Lilli)

Hey guys! For todays post, I am doing a collab with Lilli from so don’t forget to check her post out! ☺️ Pamper nights are always fun to have but even more so at this time of the year when it’s cold outside. The thought of cozying up inside my house with my favorite… Continue reading Pamper Night Essentials🌙 (Collab with Lilli)


University Morning Routine!

Hey guys, There’s something about routine videos/blog posts that i find very fascinating, I guess i just love seeing people’s everyday activities haha, i’m nosy like that so today, i decided to share with you guys my super simple university morning routine so let’s get into it! I only go to university 3 times a… Continue reading University Morning Routine!


Eyeshadow Tips & Tricks!

As a lover of all things makeup and beauty, i enjoy learning and improving my makeup application skills and but the one thing that i always seemed to struggle with the most was eye shadow, but you know what they say: practice makes perfect (not that i’m perfect in applying eye shadow by any means,… Continue reading Eyeshadow Tips & Tricks!

Favourites · Product review

5 Makeup Products Worth The Hype!

I think i’m right to say that as beauty bloggers, although we love trying out new and different beauty products, there are always those few trusty products that we keep going back to no matter what. These holy grail products keep us slaying and looking our best at all times and our makeup collection would… Continue reading 5 Makeup Products Worth The Hype!


Have you been affected by Instagram’s Shadow Ban’?

Have you noticed your engagement on instagram reducing, follower count deteriorating or photos not showing up in hashtags?  If the answer is yes, then you most probably are a victim of the Instagram shadow ban which so many users have been affected by recently, including me. What is Instagram Shadow Ban? A shadow ban makes your… Continue reading Have you been affected by Instagram’s Shadow Ban’?


5 Tips To Get Your Highlight On Fleek 💫

One trend that has taken the whole beauty community by storm is highlighting. Whether it is a subtle glow or a ‘BAM, in your face’ type highlight, this trend has made its mark and has proven that it is here to stay. My highlighting techniques have changed with time as I’ve learned new methods and… Continue reading 5 Tips To Get Your Highlight On Fleek 💫