Fall Night Time Skincare Routine!

Fall is upon us and that means time to switch up your skincare routine. For someone, with dry skin, the colder months means i need to ensure my skin gets as much moisture and hydration as i can possibly give it and so today, i will be sharing with you guys my updated skincare routine… Continue reading Fall Night Time Skincare Routine!


Sunshine Blogger Award #2

Hello everybody! I was nominated once again for the Sunshine Blogger Award thanks to BeautyBumbleBee. She has a lifestyle blog with a little bit of beauty and i really enjoy her blog so definitely check her out! Rules: Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog. Answer the questions the nominator gave… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award #2

Makeup Looks

Fall Makeup Look 🍂

Hey guys! My second favorite season of the year is finally here (first being winter of course ) and i thought what better way to get started with it than to do a dramatic fall inspired makeup look. If you want to see the makeup look i came up with and the products i used… Continue reading Fall Makeup Look 🍂


Birthday Anxiety..

Birthday and anxiety are two words you probably wouldn’t expect to hear in the same sentence because aren’t birthdays supposed to be fun? One day of the year where you get to celebrate your existence, have fun and just be HAPPY. For the longest time, i thought there was something wrong with me as i… Continue reading Birthday Anxiety..

Monthly Favourites

September Favorites!

Hey guys! Hope you are all doing well! September was definitely a really good month for me and although i’m sad it went by so fast, I am super excited for the upcoming months and all the exciting holidays and not to forget the amazing weather. (It’s still boiling hot in UAE 🙂). In this… Continue reading September Favorites!


‘Questions You Never Thought To Ask’ Tag!

Hey guys, I was tagged by roseviewslife to do this tag which I’m very excited about as it has some pretty interesting questions that she actually came up with herself. Thanks to Rose for creating this tag and nominating me! What game consoles have you had? I have never had any game consoles of my… Continue reading ‘Questions You Never Thought To Ask’ Tag!

Product review

Fenty Beauty Shimmer Skinstick Review!

Hey guys, I’m here with a super exciting review today and I’m sure most, if not all of you have heard about the amazing Fenty Beauty makeup line by Rihanna. I really didn’t think i would be purchasing anything from this line as it is on the pricey side so i was super excited when… Continue reading Fenty Beauty Shimmer Skinstick Review!