My lazy skincare routine

Hey guys,

I am going to tell you guys what I do on a daily basis when im too lazy to take care of my skin haha.These are tips that have helped me maintain my skin helping it look fresher and healthier.

#1: Washing your face everyday.

Yes, I know you’ve heard this millions of times but it’s worth the claim as i can say from my own personal experience that not washing your face everyday will cause dirt and pollution to buildup leading to blackheads.

My favorite everyday face wash is the Clean&Clear morning burst facial cleanser.


#2: Tone your skin

This is an important part of everyday facial cleansing process that many people tend to forget. It helps to get rid of any left over dirt on your skin. I use rosewater as it a natural toner also known to prevent wrinkles. Try using it cold as that gives your skin a more refreshing feeling.



#3:Moisturize your skin

To be honest, washing your face and moisturizing your skin go hand in hand. Everyday before going to sleep remember to Moisturize your skin and also use an eye cream ( eye cream is not only for older people, the point is to prevent wrinkles starting from an early age) so that you wake up  with your skin looking amazing. You many use any that suits your skin type however I use this combination.

** Always remember to use sunprotection is you are likely to spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun.


I have many more skin care tips so if you guys would like me to do more of these types of posts let me know in the comments or give this post a like 😀

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