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How to avoid cake face.

Hey guys,

I got inspired to do a blog about this after watching makeup geek’s recent youtube video. She gives amazing tips in the video on how  not to cake your makeup. I will share with you guys what she already mentioned in her video and also some of my own tips 😀

  • Don’t put too many layers of foundation/ concealer.

So basically we all have those days where we need some extra coverage due to an unexpected pimple, lack of sleep and so on and in these situations most of us usually end up putting two to three layers of foundation/concealer to cover up those imperfections; however all that does is give you a thick layer of cakiness on your face. Instead take a full coverage foundation or concealer and put ONE layer only of it on your skin and that will be enough to hide all your imperfections without you having to deal with cake face.

  • Don’t put excessive face powder.                                             imageWe all have the tendency to reach to our favourite face powder as soon as our face starts getting oily. This can lead to cake face as you keep buffing more and more powder on your skin so try using a mattifying primer before foundation so that the chances of face becoming oily are diminished and you might not have to constantly powder your face. Also instead of using a buffing brush use a flat sponge to gently tap powder on the areas of your face that are oily.
  •  Keep bloating sheets on hand.                                                 imageBloating sheets are just one of those things that most people keep with them and there’s a good reason why! They will help take away any oil on your face and help keep your face oil free throughout the day. You wont even have to use powder on your face which is a plus point.                                 
  • Keep your skin hydrated.             imageDrink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated so it doesn’t get dry and cakey after you have put on makeup.  Try using some good hydrating masks the night before so when you wake up you have fresh looking beautiful skin. I have tried the green tea sephora mask which felt really good on the skin as I could feel the moisture being soaked into my skin. They have a lot of variety so definitely check them out.

Okay that’s it for now. I hope you guys found these tips to be helpful and if you any other suggestions to avoid cakey makeup let me know in the comments :D. Till next time ❤️

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