Disappointing products

Products I would not recommend purchasing!

Hey guys,

Today I decided to share with you guys some products I’ve gotten in the past couple of months that I’ve been extremely disappointed in and I would not recommend them.


Gosh Velvet Touch Primer


I do remember this being a bit on the pricey side and that is what made me sad that it turned out to be such a terrible primer. I tried it several times thinking I might start liking it but no such luck. It has a really nice smooth texture to it however this primer just sits on top of your skin without being absorbed into your skin and once you put the foundation on it, it kind of just mixes in with it and it’s all just really messy and not a good look!

Boots Leave-in Conditioner 

I saw this in boots and it was pretty cheap do I decided to try it out. I actually thought I would like this however after spraying it in my hair after taking a bath I noticed my scalp was filled with white flakes of dandruff. I have never had a severe dandruff problem and this is the only new thing I applied in my hair so I knew without a doubt that this had caused it. I swore after that to never use it again.

Elf Makeup Mist and Set

This setting spray was cheap aswell as most of elf products are but I wasnt very happy with it. I don’t notice it prolonging the amount of time my makeup stays on my face. It’s not bad or anything but I just don’t notice any difference using it so it’s pretty pointless.

Wow by wujooh-Lipstuck


I absolutely love the color of this liquid lipstick as its a beautiful pinky rose color which would look good on so many skin tones. I had gotten this in my glambox. The consistency of this lipstick sadly is not good at all. It’s very drying and it sits into your fine line and creases on your lips. I tried it several times however it is just too drying and there are many other brands of liquid lipsticks that have way better consistency than this one so I do not recommend this at all.

Bourjois CC Eye Cream


The lady at the store told me all kinds of amazing things about this cc cream such as it doesn’t settle into your fine lines or crease up. So obviously I got excited and had to purchase it. Unfortunately it did the exact opposite of that. Every time I put this under my eye it instantly starts looking dry and powdery and just sits on top of my skin. Even if you set it, it still does not do the trick so definitely stay away from this.

I hope this was helpful. Let me know any products you would recommend staying away from.

Until next time ❤️

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