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First Impression (skin79)

Hi guys,

Today i wanted to do something different as I’ve never done a first impression type post here on my blog yet so i decided to give it a try so lets get into it!

I recently got this skin79 Clean-on 2 STEP nose pack as it looked quite intriguing and i’m always up for any products that promise to get rid of my annoying blackheads (ugh, they suck). I haven’t heard of this brand before but since this nose pack was so cheap (only $3!!) and also this is a Korean brand, i decided it was definitely worth a try.image2 (2)

Okay but can we take a moment to appreciate how cute the packaging is? So it comes with the two steps:

Step 1: Black peel off nose mask which is supposed to “clean clogged pores and remove blackheads” (i love the sound of that). So i went ahead and applied it to my nose and waited for around 10-15 minutes.

I wouldn’t say i was amazed by the results or anything but it did a pretty decent job at taking out some of my blackheads and also leaving the skin on my nose soft and smooth which is always a plus point for me.

Step 2: Pore Soothing Hydro gel which is supposed to “freshly soothe exfoliated skin” and trust me it did just that.

image3 (1)

I kid you not if i could buy this pore soothing gel separately i would because it gave me the most amazingly hydrating,cooling, refreshing and yes SOOTHING feeling ever. I loved how it felt on my nose and i could keep it there for hours but unfortunately i had to take it off after 10 minutes. After that it says to moisturize the nose skin and voila we are done!

Okay so my final thoughts on this product are that its not that amazing but its not that bad either especially for $3 and comparing it to other expensive pore strips in the market that work just as well if not less. If you guys can get get your hands on this, definitely give it a try!

Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed!❤️❤️

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