Beauty haul

Mini Beauty Haul From Thailand!

Hi everybody,

Hope you are all doing well! I’ve been a bit busy recently with the Eid holidays; however, i did not want to miss out on posting a blog post this week so today i decided to share with you guys a few beauty products my friend got for me since she recently went to Thailand for a vacation. First of, the shopping there is apparently so much cheaper than here in UAE. Brands like Nars, Laura Mercier, Hourglass are available there and they are comparatively cheaper. They also have tons of beauty products available from their own brands and again they are really good quality and way cheaper. Now i really want to go there for shopping haha! But until then, i will show you what my friend got me  😀

So the first thing i want to show you all is this eyeshadow palette she got me. I absolutely loved the shades just at first glance and as you can tell most of them are shimmery shadows. This is from a brand called Sivanna which i think is a Thai brand and to be honest i was quite surprised at how highly pigmented these shadows were (especially the black colour) given the fact that it was relatively cheap.


I can’t wait to try out different looks with this palette! Here are the swatches:



Okay so i’m absolutely in love with this blush. First of all can we just take a moment to admire the cute packaging and also the little cushion it comes with (although i’m sure i won’t be using it to apply the blush with but still haha). I am usually not a big fan of shimmery or sparkly blushes but after swatching this, i realised the shimmer was quite subtle and the blush was a pretty pink colour which i really love.


Last thing she got me were a bunch of face masks (cause who doesn’t love face masks am i right?) I already used one and i had to save these two for this blog post which was really hard haha! These masks have different ingredients in them which targets different skin types/problems so i am definitely excited to try these!


So that’s it for this blogpost you guys, I hope you enjoyed this mini beauty haul and i’ll be here next week with a brand new post! XX

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