Product review


Hello everybody,

Hope you all had an amazing week! My university just started this week so i will be quite busy in the upcoming weeks; however i will still try to post as much as i can. The product i want to review today is the MAYBELLINE INSTANT AGE REWIND® ERASER DARK CIRCLES TREATMENT CONCEALER ($9.99) in the shade Neutralizer. Now i know this is not a new product at all, it has been around for quite a few years but the reason i am reviewing it is because it just launched in UAE. That sounds crazy right?! I have seen so many people rave about this concealer for years but i could never get my hands on it so you can guess how excited i was when i saw it selling here haha!

So here is what it looks like:



Packaging wise, this product is great. It’s not too big so it’s very easy to just throw it in your purse and take it with you. It has a small cap and you basically just twist the bottle in the direction of the arrows to bring out the product.

The Shade:

This particular shade is called ‘neutralizer’ so it is best to use it for highlighting rather than concealing (other shades are available if you would like to actually conceal your dark circles). This shade is a yellowish-banana type colour and here is a swatch:


This is perfect for highlighting under your eyes after applying your concealer. I also like to apply it on the bridge of my nose, top of the forehead and the chin (basically any place you want to highlight).


The consistency of this concealer is more towards the thicker side; however it is very easy to blend it into your skin ( beautyblender works beautifully in my opinion).


It comes with a soft sponge type applicator which looks like this from close-up:


I find this applicator quite interesting as it’s different from any i’ve seen before. It feels soft on the skin which is very important since you don’t want to rubbing anything rough on your skin especially the eye area. This concealer did not crease on me but i did set it with a translucent powder because i just always do that anyways. I applied my normal concealer and on top of that i applied this in a triangle shape under my eyes and as soon as i started blending it into my skin, i noticed that it instantly brightened up my under eyes which i absolutely love!


On the Maybelline website, this product retails for $9.99 which you can check out here. I got it from Sahara Centre for 55 Dhs so if any of you are living in UAE, you can either go there or you can buy it from souq.

Final thoughts:

I absolutely love this product and i know it’s going to be one of my staples in my beauty products from now on. I recommend you guys to try it out especially if you are looking for something that can brighten up your under eyes. It is definitely worth a try in my opinion.

I hope you guys enjoyed and found my review helpful and if you did, please give it a like so i know to keep doing these types of posts. Let me know what you think of this product, if you have tried it, in the comments below as i would love to know your thoughts on it.

Thankyou so much for reading and until next time! XX




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