My Staple Makeup Brushes

Hey Beauties,

Today i wanted to share with you guys my staple makeup brushes (i NEED these brushes or else my makeup game will not be strong haha!). Most of these, if not all are pretty affordable and i absolutely love them so let’s get right into it.

Foundation Brush:


I really like this brush for buffing the foundation into my skin. The shape of this brush really helps to give that flawless blended in look to your face and it avoids any cakey-ness you might get from the foundation. You do have to put in a little more effort while washing this brush since it has so many bristles but it’s not that bad. This looks a lot like the sigma F82 brush and this brush is way cheaper than that one. I got his one from souq and it came in a set with a few other brushes. You can check it out here.

Undereye Setting Brush:


This brush is absolutely amazing for setting your under eyes with powder. What makes it amazing in my opinion is that it is SO soft which is crucial in any brush you are using for the eye area. The shape is also perfect for the under eye area. I just dab it onto my under eyes, really getting into the creases making sure my concealer will stay in place all day. I got this brush in a set with other brushes which i loved aswell and will be mentioning them in this blogpost. You can check this makeup brush set out here.

Precision Brush:

It’s the small things that make the biggest difference and this brush is an evidence of that! It’s small teeny tiny brush helps me to clean up my brows with a concealer, make my wing liner look sharp and clean and this could also help you clean up your lips after applying a lipstick. There are so many other things you could do with this brush and i feel like everyone needs this kind of brush in their collection. I got the Real Techniques Core Collection Set from Sahara Centre for around 60 Dhs and this brush came in that set and i definitely recommend you to check that set out.

Eyeliner Brush:

So i have tried out quite a few different types of eyeliner brushes to help me get that beautiful winged/cat eye look. After trying out this one, i think i  have finally found the perfect eyeliner brush! I basically just dip this in my gel liner and it glides onto my eyelids really easily and this brush gives you a lot of control on the kind of eyeliner look you want to create. I can’t imagine using any other brush now.Definitely recommend you guys to try this out if you have been looking for a good eyeliner brush. This is included in the Real Techniques Starter Set or you can get it separately too.

Pencil Brush:

I use this pencil brush to highlight my inner corners or to smudge my bottom eyeliner to give that smokey look to your eyes. I think everyone should have a pencil brush in their collection as it can really make a difference!

Contour Brush:


This brush was also in the Real Techniques Core Collection brush set and this is my go to brush for contouring. The slightly pointed shape of this brush helps you to get into the hollows of your cheeks and get that chiseled look! This works well with cream and powder contour shades.

Blush Brush:


I love this blush brush! This brush is included in the Essential Tools Brush Set that i mentioned earlier in the under eye setting brush part. This brush is also super soft and it gives a naturally blended look to your blush which i absolutely love. You can check out the set here.

Highlighter Brush:


Another brush from the Essential Tools Brush set that i love is this one that i’m pretty sure was not meant to be a highlighter brush but i tried using it that way and it works beautifully. I have never tried those fan brushes but i apply this one to highlight my cheekbones and since it’s such a fluffy round brush, it gives me a really nice highlighted glow and i can’t think of highlighting with any other brush!

Full Face Powder Brush:


I’ve had this brush for more than 2 years now and i still love it. It’s the perfect overall face brush in my opinion. It is soft but not so soft that it doesn’t give any coverage. I got this from Sahara Centre and i can’t quite remember the price but you can check it out here.

So those are my staples in my makeup brush collection. I am not the type of person who would buy brushes that often so i like to make sure to get brushes that will last me quite awhile. Not only are all these brushes super affordable but they also are long lasting. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful!

Until next time! xx

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6 thoughts on “My Staple Makeup Brushes

  1. Thanks for this post. It gives good help as to what brushes are essential for me. I have some brushes but I’m thinking of renewing the whole set. So, this post will give me ideas. ❤

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