Monthly Favourites

September Favourites!

Hii everybody,

Hope you all are doing well. I know it’s a little late to be doing my September favourites but i have been wanting to do a monthly favourites blog post for awhile now so i thought why not just do it since it’s only been a week into September haha. I’ll be including my favourite beauty products, tv shows or any fashion related stuff that i have been loving this month so let’s get into it!

Beauty Favourites:

Bioderma Photoderm MAX Fluide SPF 100:


In many countries autumn has already started but unfortunately here in the UAE it still feels like summer. In this scorching heat, i have absolutely been loving this suncream. First of all, it has SPF 100 which apparently gives you a really high amount of protection from the sun. The thing i love about this though is that it does not feel greasy, it is colorless after applying and leaves no white traces on your skin as most suncreams do. I wear it underneath my makeup and i can barely even tell that i’ve put on a suncream. I’m pretty sure i will be repurchasing this and if any of you guys live in hot countries, definitely give this a try!

Here is me applying it on the back of my hand and as you can tell in the last image, it completely absorbs into my skin and leaves no traces:

Bioderma Sensibio H20:


Another Bioderma product that i’ve been loving this month which i’m sure a lot of you have already heard so much about is this cleansing and makeup removing water which works wonders for me. After using a makeup removing wipe and also washing my face, i decided to apply this to my skin not expecting any makeup residue to come off; however i was surprised to see a lot of makeup residue on the cotton pad. It also gets rid of waterproof mascara which let’s be honest is a pain to get rid off. I have been using this so much this month and will definitely be purchasing the bigger bottle.



I already made a whole post reviewing this baby which you can check out here. In short, i love using this to highlight certain parts of my face and it just brightens them up since it has a yellowish tone to it. It is so cheap but still has such good quality!

MAC Blushes:


I have absolutely been loving these two MAC blushes in the shades Gingerly and Coppertone. They both look quite similar however the one on the right is more towards a coral shade while the other one is a pretty mauve bronzey  shade. The pigmentation is not the best but i have been using these two shades almost everyday this month!

EOS Lipbalm ($4.75):


I have been loving the EOS lipbalm this month. They have been around for quite awhile and not only does it look super cute, it does a pretty good job at moisturizing the lips. I always apply it on my lips before going to sleep and wake up with super nice and soft lips!

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in ‘Lolita’ ($20):


Lolita, in my opinion is such a good everyday lip colour and since the formula of these liquid lipsticks is so comfortable to wear, i always see myself reaching towards this product and this has become a part of my everyday makeup essentials!

Fashion Favourites:



Chokers are so in trend at the moment and i have been loving wearing them this month. I love chokers because they make any simple outfit look so much more edgier. I have already bought four different chokers and will probably buy some more haha!

Favourite Show:



Since all my favourite shows were on a break, i was looking for a good series to watch and i came upon this show called Wentworth. It’s an Australian TV show and i absolutely love it. It’s kind of like Orange is the new black except in my opinion this is so much better and filled with way more drama, twists and turns. I already watched all 3 seasons and i’m currently on the fourth one. Definitely recommend this series if you guys are wanting to start a new series!

So those are all of my favourites for the month of September. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and if you did, do give it a like and also let me know some of your September favourites in the comments below as i would love to know!

Until next time

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