My Fast and Easy Foundation Routine

Hi guys,

How are you all doing? Today i decided to share with you guys my simple foundation routine. I literally do this everyday and it barely takes anytime. I will share with you the products i use to make sure my foundation stays on all day and does not look cakey so let’s get into it!

After i have washed my face i follow these steps:

  • Moisturize the skin:

This is a step that i can never ever miss because my face naturally tends to get a bit dry after washing it and in general nobody likes to have dry skin. It will also help the makeup go on more nicely preventing creases and fine lines. I use this moisturizer but you can obviously choose any that suits your skin the best.


  • Priming the skin:

I’m sure you all already know how important it is to prime your skin before putting on any makeup products. There are so many benefits of priming the skin and i always apply two different primers for different reasons. I first apply an all over the face primer which is the Nivea Sensitive After Shave Balm and this basically just helps the makeup stick to my skin and make sure that it will stay on all day.


Since i have a lot of texture and visible pores around the nose area, i go in with my Benefit Porefessional Face Primer and apply it to that specific area. This does such an amazing job at instantly blurring out my pores and helps my makeup apply flawlessly without exaggerating the texture on my skin.


  • Hydrate the Under Eyes:

Now this is a step that might be important to some and not for others. I only tend to do this when my skin is feeling super dry and i know i can use that extra moisture. This will help to not exaggerate the creases and fine lines under your eyes once you apply the foundation or concealer. I love using the Elf Hydrating Under Eye Primer ($3).

  • Colour correct the skin:

Now this is the point where you could go in and colour correct any specific areas of your skin. If you have really dark under eyes, darkness around the mouth, dark spots, pimples,etc. On a daily basis i tend to use my L.A girl Pro Conceal High Definition Concealer in Orange under my eyes or any other dark spots that are visible on my skin.

  • Apply the foundation:

Now the last step in my foundation routine is obviously applying the foundation. You can go in and apply your favourite foundation; however, i am loving the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation at the moment. You could also use a powder or setting spray after this in order to lock in everything you have just applied to your face and voila! you are good to go!


I hope you guys enjoyed my quick and easy foundation routine that takes no more than five minutes to do. If you guys have any other good tips that you use in your foundation routine do let me know down in the comments!

Until next time XX

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