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My ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look!

Hi guys,

I’m so sorry for the late post but due to university assignments,  this past week has been pretty hectic and so i wasn’t able to post on my usual posting day 😦 Anyways let’s get into what today’s blogpost is about!

I’ve seen this whole ‘no makeup’ makeup look going around for awhile and i so i thought to share with you guys some tips and tricks i use to achieve that look and also the products i use.

This looks helps me out a lot on those days where i might have a super early class and i need to look a good as possible with as little time and also when i can’t be bothered to have a full face of makeup all day.

So this is my ‘no makeup’ makeup look ( sorry as this picture isn’t the best quality and you can’t quite see the details of the makeup used):


These are the products used to achieve this look:

Priming the face:


Face Products:


Bronze/Blush Products:


Lip Product:



  • Crucial to prep the skin with skin care products: You need your skin to look as good as possible with as little makeup as possible!
  • Don’t forget to tightline: Gives illusion of a thicker lash line
  • Try using cream products as they tend to look more natural
  • Take time in buffing the foundation into your skin (use a wet beauty sponge) to give it a natural finish
  • Keep in mind that to achieve this look, you need to have some flaws so instead of hiding them, embrace them.

I hope this post was helpful to any of you wanting to achieve that beautiful but natural makeup look. Let me know in the comments any tips/tricks you use to get the ‘no makeup’ makeup look!

Thankyou so much for reading! xx

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