Favourite Skin Care Products of 2016!

Another year has come to an end but before we get too excited for 2017, let’s take a look at some of  my must have skincare products that i have used and loved consistently throughout this year.

Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Polish:


This has been my holy grail body scrub for this year and i have already done a full review on it which you can check out here. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and it also has an amazing scent which is always a plus point. The new year is all about trying out new things, but i get a feeling that i am not yet done with this scrub and will probably be repurchasing it!

Himalaya Herbals Fairness Face Mask:


I know there are a lot of amazing face masks from known brands but if you are looking for a cheaper option which does an amazing job at providing almost the same benefits, then you should check this out! I have not been able to put this mask down throughout this year! I apply this mask once a week and it instantly brightens up my face and gets rid of any texture and leaves my face feeling smooth and fresh. It consists of amazing ingredients like saffron, turmeric and aloe vera!

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Polish:


I’ve tried out many different face scrubs; however, i always saw myself reaching out to this one the most. I usually put this before going to sleep as i feel that it clears out all my pores and get rids of all the dirt that has been on my face all day and in the mornings my skin always feels super soft and clean!

Clean and Clear Morning Energy Shine Control Daily Facial Wash:


This is one of my absolute favourite face wash of all time! I have tried a few different face washes but none of them compared to this one! I love the fact that it has these tiny bursting beads so it is not too harsh on the skin but it does provide some form of exfoliation to get rid of the impurities and dirt.It also has this amazing citrus-y smell that i absolutely love!

Rose water:


Rose water is known for providing the skin with some amazing benefits. Since i don’t like using alcohol based toners (alcohol is not good for the skin in the long term), i do like using rose water instead, after washing my face. It is filled with antioxidants and various vitamins that nourish the skin and apparently prevents the signs of ageing. I love keeping it in the fridge and so when i have to use it, the cold sensation instantly refreshes me and wakes me up!

Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Glow Lotion:


Okay so i’m someone who always forgets to moisturize my body out of laziness; however, this product right here actually makes me look forward to moisturizing my skin. It has this rich and thick formula that absorbs into your skin leaving it hydrated and does not leave it greasy. It actually leaves this subtle glow on my skin and yes, it smells like cocoa which is amazing!

Let me know some of your favorite skin care products of 2016 as i would love to know and try them out!

Thank you for reading! xx

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