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Do These Beauty Hacks Really Work?

There are so many different beauty hacks on the internet these days and even though we wish they all would work and make our lives easier, that is not always the case. So here i am today, trying out 5 different beauty hacks and finding out whether they are really worth our time or not! So let’s get started!

HACK#1: Using eyeshadow to give illusion of voluminous hair!

Now i was pretty excited to try this out as i don’t necessarily possess the most volumized hair. The trick is to basically  use an eyeshadow that has a similar color degree to your hair and fill in any empty or sparse spaces using that. This will apparently make your hair appear thicker.


What do you guys think?! I am quite happy with it as it definitely gave the illusion of thicker hair and gave a little bit of volume to my hair although i could have done a better job at applying the eyeshadow to my hair haha! THIS HACK WORKS!!

Hack#2: Longer and voluminous lashes using baby powder!

I was quite skeptical of this hack when i first saw it as it sounded too good to be true. I think all you girls out there who aren’t blessed with long voluminous lashes can relate haha! All you have to do is apply a coat of mascara to your lashes and then using a cotton bud,  evenly apply baby powder onto the lashes and then go in with the second coat of mascara.

Results: Omg guys, I was so surprised by the results as it made my lashes look super long (literally, my lashes have never looked longer) and it gave them tons of volume. It does, however cause clumpiness but the pros definitely outweigh that as i genuinely felt like i was wearing false lashes!


Hack#3: Using mascara as an eyeliner

Ran out of your liquid liner? No problem because this hacks claims that you can take your mascara and use it as an eyeliner. All you have to do is take an eyeliner brush and put it into the mascara tube and use that to create a perfect liner



I mean, do i really have to say much? I was genuinely surprised by how much it actually looked like i used a real eyeliner to create that. You do have to built it up though as it comes out quite translucent at first but the end results are amazing!


Hack#4: Using a spoon to create a cut crease eye look!

I’ve tried creating the ever so famous cut crease look a few times and i wasn’t the best at it so this hack really appealed to me as it made it look super easy! All you have to do is a take a spoon and place in onto your eyes and apply your shadow over it using a blending brush and you will be left with a defined crease.

Results: I was really happy with the results and this is coming from someone who is not so good at eyeshadows. If you are a beginner, i would definitely recommend you try out this hack!


Hack#5: Achieve wavy hair using a straightener!

I’m all about that effortless beachy waves hair look so i had to try out this hack. All you have to do is take a section of your hair and braid it and run the straightener over it a few times and when you open it, you should be left with imperfect beachy waves.

Results: I had high hopes for this hack but unfortunately, it did not work. If you are going for that crimped hair look, then by all means you should try this out but otherwise it was a total fail!


Okay so, 4 out of 5 hacks worked..not bad huh?

Let me know any beauty hacks that you guys use and love as i would love to try them out!

Thank you so much for reading! xx

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