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How I Get My Eyebrows ‘On Fleek’

Big, defined eyebrows have become such a huge thing in the past couple of years and i have to admit, doing my eyebrows is one of my main steps in my makeup routine. Whether you are going for a light or heavy makeup look, having your brows on point can make the biggest difference and… Continue reading How I Get My Eyebrows ‘On Fleek’

Makeup tips

My Top 5 Tips For Flawless Makeup!

I’m always trying out new tips and tricks to make my makeup look as flawless as possible and today, i wanted to share with you guys my top 5 tips that i’ve been using consistently for the past few months. I can confidently say that incorporating them in my makeup routine has made my makeup… Continue reading My Top 5 Tips For Flawless Makeup!

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Makeup Of The Day!

Hi guys, I wanted to share with you all this makeup look that i created. I personally get so inspired by other beauty bloggers MOTD type posts and i’m trying to get more into doing different types of makeup looks and posting them here on my blog. Here’s the look:   I used the Morphe… Continue reading Makeup Of The Day!


My Current Night Time Routine!

Hey beauties, Today, i wanted to share with you guys my night time routine and this is actually pretty much what i do on most nights unless it’s the weekend and i have other plans, then it might be a little different so anyways let’s get into it! On a typical day, my night starts… Continue reading My Current Night Time Routine!