My Current Night Time Routine!

Hey beauties,

Today, i wanted to share with you guys my night time routine and this is actually pretty much what i do on most nights unless it’s the weekend and i have other plans, then it might be a little different so anyways let’s get into it!

On a typical day, my night starts after i get back from university which would be around 5-6 pm. Now for me, the first and most important thing after getting home is to change and get into my comfy pj’s. I just can’t relax if i don’t do that and i’m sure most of you can relate.


How cute is that top though?!

Now the next this thing is just as as important as the first and that is to get rid of all the makeup and gunk from my face asap! My skin care routine currently includes these products:


Now if i’m super lazy, i will only use the johnson’s makeup wipes to get rid of the makeup but this is quite rare. Mostly, i will make sure to either do some deep exfoliation using the St.ives apricot scrub or simply go in with my new favourite Neutrogena face wash. I’ve just been loving these two products for my face lately! I will then go on to moisturize my face with the amazing bio-oil which makes my skin super soft the next morning.

After i am done with my skin care routine, i will head off to the kitchen for some dinner. After a few hours i will go get some snack and tea. I usually like to go for peppermint tea; however i ran out of it on this particular day, so this green tea had to do.


I usually end my night just relaxing and catching up on blog posts, watching my favorite youtubers or just watching shows.


I was watching the season finale of how to get away with murder on this day and omg how crazy was that episode? Let me know if you guys watch that show in the comments and if you don’t, i definitely recommend it!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this short night time routine post and i personally love reading these kind of posts, so i had to do one myself. Let me know in the comments what your typical night time routine consists of!

Thank you for reading!

Until next time xx

8 thoughts on “My Current Night Time Routine!

  1. That’s a shame! 🙁
    They do have many different types of scrubs available for different skin types/issues so maybe you could explore a bit!
    Thank you for stopping by ☺️❤️


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