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Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Review!

Hey guys,

Let me just start off this post by saying that i’m super excited to be doing this post because i’m absolutely in love with this product and if you want to know why then keep on reading!

I got the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Highlighter ($44) in the shade ‘Opal’. I had been on a hunt for a liquid highlighter that would give me a super luminous yet natural inner glow type of look and so after reading and watching reviews on this product, i decided to get it.



The packaging is absolutely beautiful and i just love the silver detail on top of the cap with ‘BECCA’ written on it. It comes with a pump; however, i would have to say that it’s hard to control the amount of product that comes out with the pump especially if i want a very little amount it usually squirts out way more than i need but otherwise i love the packaging.

Consistency and Swatch:


It has a thick and creamy consistency and blends like a dream. As you can see from the swatch that it gives this beautiful, luminous glow and doesn’t look glittery or patchy like some liquid highlighters do.



I’m just in love with the way this highlighter looks on the face. I mixed in half a pump into my foundation and applied it all over my face, then used a damp sponge to apply it to the top of my cheekbones, tip of the nose, and forehead. It applied and blended smoothly into my skin and you can definitely build it up by applying more layers. It looks so effortless, natural and dewy which in my opinion is all you need from a liquid highlighter.

I will definitely be getting a lot of use out of this product especially in the summer when i can’t be bothered to do a full face of makeup as i can just mix it in with my moisturizer or bb cream and be out the door while still looking fresh and glowy! This product is so versatile which makes it even more amazing!

If you guys are not into the blinding, in-your-face highlighters  and are looking for something a bit more natural and subtle but still beautiful, definitely try this out!

Have you guys tried this product? What’s your favourite liquid highlighter at the moment? Let me know your thoughts!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this review and found it useful!

Thank you for reading xx

14 thoughts on “Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Review!

  1. You are so beautiful and your skin is flawless! I love this highlighter. It’s my favourite liquid, but I tend to wear powdered. I get what you mean about the pump. I think one pump can easily be enough highlight for your face. It’s a shame you can’t control it. The product is perfect for photographs, nights out and weddings etc. It adds a glow without being too shimmery. xx

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    1. That’s really sweet, thanks! 💕
      I used to wear only powered highlighter before as well but then I felt it was too much for everyday wear, plus if I want something intense I like to apply the powder highlighter on top of liquid. And yes I totally agree it looks beautiful in photos! ☺️

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