5 Tips To Make A Bad Day Better ✨

As much as we try to stay positive and happy, there are always going to be those days that test us and try to bring us down. Sometimes, there’s a specific reason as to why we feel down and other times, we just wake up feeling demotivated and unhappy.  Although these tips are pretty simple, and no they will not magically transform your day into the happiest day of your life, but they can help you feel more positive and happy throughout the day. I want to share them with you guys in the hopes that they might help you make your day better!

Read Quotes:

Sometimes when i wake up feeling really down, i tend to look up some positive/motivating/inspiring quotes and they really help to get my mind ready to take on the day with a much better attitude. Don’t just read the quote, understand and believe in it as this will in turn help your mind to take out all the negativity. Make an album and save all your favourite quotes in there and read them throughout the day whenever you feel the lack of motivation or positivity.


Let me start off by saying that i was one of those people who did not believe in the power of meditating. I’d hear and see people talking about it but my skepticism never allowed me to actually try it. I was going through a rough phase when i finally decided to meditate and honestly, it made a difference. You don’t need to meditate for an hour, just take 5 minutes out of your day and do some deep breathing exercises or find some meditating videos on youtube (i like jbittersweet videos, they are short and simple yet highly effective). Meditating really helps you gain a peace of mind, be more calm and put things in perspective. Set a challenge for yourself and try meditating 5 minutes everyday for a week and see the results!


Listen To Music:

I have noticed a huge difference in my mood when i just lie in my bed and listen to my favourite music. Doesn’t matter if it’s upbeat or slow, choose something that you like. Make a playlist of all the songs you like to listen to when you are having a rough day.


Take A Social Media Break:

I think we all are aware of the negative effects that social medias such as Instagram and Snapchat can have on our minds. Constantly comparing ourselves to others on the basis of what they portray through social media and assuming that their lives are somewhat better than ours can take a huge toll on our well being and our ability to be happy. So take a break from social media , whether it be for a few hours or a whole day and go out with your family/friends or just alone. Do something you love like painting or makeup. Try to really live in the moment and see how your mood and energy changes.


Take a bath:

If all else fails, go take a warm and relaxing bath. Use your favourite bubble bath and light some candles. Take care of yourself and pamper yourself and in return, your mind will thank you. Read a relaxing book or watch something you love while in the bath and i can promise you that you will feel much better.


I truly believe that it’s the little things that can bring you the most positivity and happiness in life. There are many other things you can do but these are thing that i feel work best for me.

Let me know what you guys like to do when you are feeling down or having a bad day.

I hope these tips were helpful to you guys and that you have a beautiful day!

Thank you for reading xx

*The pictures used in this post are not mine and have been taken from Pinterest.


10 thoughts on “5 Tips To Make A Bad Day Better ✨

  1. “Don’t just read the quote, understand and believe in it as this will in turn help your mind to take out all the negativity.” so true! Really good post loved all the tips and I’ve used most myself. All but the first, which I love the idea of so I’ll definitely have to make an album💗

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