My Top 5 Most Viewed/Liked Blog Posts!

I recently got the idea of rounding up my most liked/viewed blog post that i’ve published as i thought it would be quite interesting to see which of my blog posts are most liked by you guys. I’ve seen other bloggers do it too and i always enjoy reading their most popular blog posts so let’s see what are my most liked/viewed posts!


It makes me super happy to know that this my most popular blogpost here on my blog. Even though i’ve come a long way, i still remember how grateful i felt to have reached 200 followers!


This was the very first MOTD i posted on my blog and i was so excited about it as i wanted to incorporate more makeup looks on here and the fact that you guys enjoyed it makes me so happy and there will definitely be more makeup looks coming soon!


Not only did you guys like this post but it is one of my favourites as well and i really think these tips have helped me improve the way my makeup looks tremendously.


This was such a fun post for me, trying out different hacks and seeing if they work or not. I actually found some really cool hacks that are super useful so no wonder this is one of my most viewed posts!


Last but certainly not the least, is my winter morning routine which again was so fun to share with you guys.

So those are my top 5 blog posts here on my blog!

Have you done a similar post? If so, link it to me in the comments so I can check it out or post a link of your favorite blog post on your blog and I will check that out!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!

Thank you for reading xx


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