5 Simple Ways To Relax After Long Day!

We all have those long stressful days that seem to drag on forever and on those days, it’s crucial to take some time to relax your mental and physical self. These 5 ways might sound obvious and quite simple; however, you would be surprised to find how less of us actually take the time to… Continue reading 5 Simple Ways To Relax After Long Day!

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My Night Time Skincare Routine!

Maintaining a skin care routine is essential to healthy looking skin and today i wanted to share with you guys my nighttime skincare routine. Although it can be quite difficult to stick to it, I absolutely love the feeling of going to bed and waking up with clean, hydrated skin and also the fact that… Continue reading My Night Time Skincare Routine!

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Sultry Glam Makeup Look!

Hey guys, Recently I created this full glam look that I think would be perfect for a night out. For the eyes, I went for a silver-ish blue smoky eye and although I kept the lips simple and nude, I did go all out with highlighter as I wanted it to be a super glow-y… Continue reading Sultry Glam Makeup Look!


The Leibster Award!

Hey guys, To start off, I want to thank the beautiful Stephanie Grace for nominating me for The Leibster Award. I absolutely love her blog. She does all kinds of beauty/skincare and lifestyle related posts and if you love my blog, you will definitely love hers so don’t forget to check her out! Here are… Continue reading The Leibster Award!



Summer is here and i have to say i have a love/hate relationship with this season. Living here in the UAE, we get to have the sun all year round and although i love that everyday is warm and bright, i definitely don’t like the extreme heat at this time of the year! (What’s the… Continue reading 🌼SUMMER BEAUTY FAVORITES🌼

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5 Shows To Binge Watch This Summer!

The best part about summer break for me is that i get to stay in bed all day, eat snacks and watch my favorite shows WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY! Don’t get me wrong, i do like to be productive too (at least i’d like to think so) but we all have those days where we don’t… Continue reading 5 Shows To Binge Watch This Summer!


5 Simple Yet Effective Blogging Tips!

I love reading blogging tips and tricks from other bloggers as i always get to learn something new and helpful and that is why today, i wanted to share with you guys just five simple tips that have helped me throughout my blogging journey. Hopefully, these can help you guys out too, so let’s get… Continue reading 5 Simple Yet Effective Blogging Tips!