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The Jaclyn Hill Palette x Morphe Review!

AAH! Guys, I can’t even begin to explain to you how excited i am for this review on the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette ($38). I was ecstatic when i finally got my hands on it last week as it sold out super fast and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that i’ve been dreaming of getting this palette ever since Jaclyn announced it. I’ve been watching her videos for around 2 years now and i absolutely love how genuine she is and how dedicated she is to her subscribers. Anyways, i will stop fangirling now as i could literally go on all day and let’s get into the review!


Packaging wise, i love how Morphe didn’t stick their usual black and red packaging and gave it a simple yet sleek look with the white and silver, although a definite downside is that it’s going to get dirty really fast. I do love how personalized they have made this palette not only with the colors of the packaging but also with the small message that Jaclyn has written for her subscribers and honestly small things like these make a huge difference.


I was quite surprised with the variety of shades in this palette as i wasn’t expecting there to be these bright blue, green and purple shades but that definitely takes this palette up a notch in my opinion, as it will be able to fit so many people’s preferences and will allow you to create numerous different looks.

I still have to play around with this palette and unfortunately didn’t get the time to use them on my eyes; however i was very pleased with the consistency of them especially the shimmery shades. I swatched 4 shades from each row so you guys can an idea of the pigmentation and shades.


I am absolutely in love with these shades especially the ones in the last row as they aren’t something i would typically go for and it will be fun to play around with them! I was a bit disappointed with the way some of the matte shades swatched as they seemed a bit chalky but i guess i’ll know when i actually wear them but overall i’m impressed with the quality of these shadows as they are super buttery and highly pigmented.

So that’s it for this kind of short review on The Jaclyn Hill Palette and i have to say i had high expectations from it as Morphe and Jaclyn did work on it for 2 years and fortunately it met up with my expectations and i definitely recommend you guys get your hands it if you can!

Have you gotten this palette?, if so, do you think it’s worth the hype? Are you planning on getting it? Let me know your thoughts!

Thank you for reading! xx


25 thoughts on “The Jaclyn Hill Palette x Morphe Review!

  1. hmm nice as a beauty blogger and youtube i have seen these everywhere and i have watched all the swatches i love this palett and thinking to get my self one . your reviews amazing and this is making me love the jacqlin pallet more check out my blog if u can

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    1. Yes, there has been so much hype about it, and this palette definitely stands up to expectations! I totally recommend you to get it, thanks for reading πŸ’•
      I will check it out! ☺️


    1. Haha, I totally get what you mean! I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a palette as badly as I wanted this one, hopefully you’ll get your hands on it this time as I’ve heard this is the biggest restock! xx

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    1. To be honest, after having actually used it on my eyes, I don’t think the formula is better than the other morphe palettes. I personally love morphe eyeshadow pigmentation so I’m fine with it. I think it’s mostly the shades in this palette that in my opinion make it so unique and versatile!


      1. I am curious to try it for myself but I’ve been having such a hard time trying to get it! Thanks for the input πŸ™‚

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