New Instagram Account + Why I Deactivated it!

Hey guys,

As you can tell from the title of the post, i have made an instagram account specifically for this blog and i would love it if you guys followed me on there and i will definitely follow you back! My username is makeupmaniaccc

A little backstory…

I have two separate instagram accounts, a personal account which i’ve had for years and now this one that i’ve made for my blog. I had made one account for this blog previously months ago which i shut down for numerous reasons. Some reasons include the fact that i realised i had became so focused on the number of followers i had that every time i saw my follower count go down it would get me so frustrated and stressed. I was very unhappy with the content i was posting due to constantly comparing my content to that of other bloggers which again gave me alot of negative feelings everytime i would open my instagram account. My instagram account was no longer this happy place where i liked connecting with people which is the initial reason i made it. This led to me having a lot of ingenuine followers and a lot following and then unfollowing happening. I barely even went there after awhile as it made me super unmotivated everytime i’d go there and so i knew it was best to deactivate it.

It has been around 5 months now and although i loved not having an instagram, in that time I realized that social media is actually really important for increasing blog traffic and views and honestly it’s better to have an instagram rather than not one at all. I have a new mindset this time though, as i realise it’s better to have 100 genuine followers than 1000 non genuine ones. I want my instagram account to make me feel the same way this blog does which is happy, accomplished and motivated! I absolutely love the blogging community as everyone here is super genuine and supportive that is one of the main reasons i love blogging and connecting with you all. I didn’t realise that instagram can be quite competitive and have that each for their own type of mentality which is completely fine and i totally get it now. Since i know better now, i’m very excited to be on instagram again and i would love to follow each and everyone one of you on there aswell!

Well, that story turned out longer than i had expected it to, hopefully you guys didn’t mind it though as it feels good to explain what’s going on in my mind and i’m sure many of you can relate!

Do leave me your instagram usernames in the comments below and i will be sure to follow you!

Also, let me know if you guys can relate to what i just said in this post as i would love to hear your thought’s on this topic or any tips you have on running an instagram account which is especially for your blog content!

Thank you so much for reading xx

Instagram Username: makeupmaniaccc

31 thoughts on “New Instagram Account + Why I Deactivated it!

  1. Tried following you but the link didnt work for me 😦 Mine is @thebeyoutifulgal. I totally agree with IG. I have followers who just follow to gain followers and not for genuine purposes which really annoys me!

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  2. Wow I thought this is happening only to my Instagram account…… I am loosing my followers too…… I don’t know why….. But I am happy that my genuine followers are there to encourage me……
    Just followed your Instagram πŸ‘
    My username is @diy_empress

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  3. Instagram is super competitive. I deleted my first account and then rejoined. I don’t think you should get caught up on blog photos and followers. Most are so edited. I know one really successful blogger who travels up to London and does a day just shooting various outfits with a professional photographer.
    Valuable followers are what counts!

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    1. It really is and I totally agree with you, as hard as it is to stop comparing yourself to others on social media, it’s a complete waste of energy!
      Oh wow that’s good for her, though i just automatically assume all these bloggers take their own photos haha!
      Do you currently have an Instagram account?

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      1. I do. It’s lauzieslifestyle. If you follow me, I will go on my phone and follow back.
        I know many big accounts have their own personal photographers who they work with specifically to shoot for blogs and social-media. They have consistency by working together and doing the same editing and style. Sometimes when an ‘Instagrammer’ posts all these different looks, you assume they have taken them over numerous days, when actually they have just done one big shoot.

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      2. I’ll follow you there!πŸ’•
        Yeah, I kind of picked up on that when I say these big you tubers and bloggers doing photo shoots and always having perfect, good quality photos on their Instagram!

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