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Top 5 Uses Of Micellar Water! ðŸ’¦

Hey guys,

Today, I will be talking about one of the most hyped up products of this year which is the micellar water. I’m sure of many of you, if not all have heard about it and if you are one of those people who have no idea what the heck micellar water actually is and all the ways it can benefit your skin, then this post is for you! I will be sharing with you the top 5 ways I like to use this product and incorporate it in to my skin care and makeup routine, so let’s get in to it!

What is micellar water?

It is basically made up of micelles that are ‘small balls of cleansing oil’ and these attract dirt and oil so they are able to take out any impurities from your skin without drying it out.

Now let’s get on to the uses!

  • Makeup Removal

This is the most common way of using micellar water. Simply put a few drops on a cotton pad and apply all over your face to get rid of any makeup even waterproof. If you are a lazy person then this is literally your best friend. Keep this on your bedside table and you won’t have any excuses for sleeping with your makeup on!


  • Cleansing

Now we all know we need to be washing our face twice day but not many of us actually do it. Sometimes, you don’t feel the need to wash your face in the morning as you feel it is already clean from cleansing the night before. Instead of letting the sweat and oil from last night built up on your skin, you can easily use some micellar water to clean your skin without over washing or drying it.

  • Makeup Fixes

This is one of my favorite uses of micellar water. If you struggle or make a mistake while applying liquid liner, mascara or even lipstick, get some micellar water on a q-tip and this will provide you with precision to easily fix or remove any makeup mistakes!


  • Refresh Skin After Workout

Micellar water is a great thing to carry around with you on-the-go. It is crucial to clean your skin as soon as you are done working out and sweating in the gym because if you let the sweat sit there on your skin, there is a danger of it clogging your pores causing spots and horrible breakouts. I have personally noticed a huge difference in breakouts when I use this right after the gym as opposed to not using it at all.

  • Wash Your Makeup Brushes

This is something I recently learned and have not actually tried out but I can see why this would work. If the micellar water can remove dirt and makeup from our faces, then it can obviously do the same for our makeup brushes. Just pour some micellar water in a cup and swirl your dirty brush in there and then wipe it off on a towel and voila! you now have clean brushes with barely much effort!


So there you have the top 5 uses of this amazingly versatile product that I totally recommend you guys get because once you do, you’ll wonder what you had been doing without it this entire time haha!

Have you bought micellar water? If so, what are the ways you like to use it? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading xx

48 thoughts on “Top 5 Uses Of Micellar Water! ðŸ’¦

  1. I once used micellar water to clean my skin in morning and I didn’t wash it off, because they said you can use it like that, it broke me out so badly, because it is basically a little molecules of soap in water. Since then I only use it for cleaning brushes, but I always wash them with water after. xx

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  2. I like to use that pink Garnier micellar water as well. I first use an oil cleanser, then a regular cleanser, and then I use micellar water on a cotton pad to make sure all of the makeup is gone! Better be none left after that process lol.

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  3. I have the Pacifica Cactus Water, which is a micellar water. It works really well! I do wash my face twice a day, but sometimes at night there is still some leftover makeup on. Since I use waterproof eyeliner and mascara, it’s really hard to get it all off sometimes. If I use some micellar water, it comes right off! I never thought to use it to clean my makeup brushes though. Good idea! I usually use shampoo, but I might just give that a try.

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    1. Oo, I haven’t heard of that micellar water brand!
      Yeah, I always make sure to get rid of any extra makeup with it, and I generally use shampoo as well but was very intrigued to know you can wash your brushes with micellar water too! 💕

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  4. Thank you! I started using Micellar Water this year but I don’t really know what I’m SUPPOSED to be doing with it haha! I used it to cleanse after I wash my face but occasionally I’ll use it to take my makeup off with as well but I wasn’t use if I should be. So thank you for this post! ❤

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