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My Blogging Pet Peeves!

Hey guys,

Today, I’ll be sharing with you guys my top 5 blogging pet peeves so let’s get in to it!


This has to be my no.1 pet peeve when it comes to bloggers. People who don’t take the time to reply to their comments or interact with their followers. For me, this is a make or break situation and i will instantly unfollow that person unless of course they have a huge following and get thousands of comments. Interaction is one of the best parts of blogging for me, so i don’t understand when bloggers cant take out the time to reply to their readers!


Complicated Website:

Okay, this has happened so much to me recently where i enjoy someone’s post and i want to go ahead and give it a like and a comment but guess what? i can’t find the ‘like’ button or the comments section on that blogger’s website. Sometimes, i finally find the comment box but have to  fill out a form with my details in order to post the comment. I don’t know if its just me but it really shouldn’t be that hard for your readers to leave a simple comment on your post. It’s also annoying when i find a blogger’s post very enjoyable; however when i visit their website, the layout looks so complicated that it puts me off completely!

No photos:

Very rarely do i click on a blog post or actually read it if it isn’t accompanied by photo/photos of some kind. Photography is such an important part of blogging especially now when written words are being replaced by Instagram posts and YouTube videos. I believe reading your blog posts becomes a much more enjoyable experience for your readers if you take the time to add some aesthetically pleasing photos in there!

Spam likes:

I love it people take out the time to give my post a like; however, what puts me off a little is when i see 10 likes in the last one minute given by the same person which tells me that that  person didn’t really take the time to read the post. I’d rather get one like on a post that is read by that person than a 100 mindless likes.

Too many posts at once:

You know when you are scrolling through your Instagram and your feed is filled with back to back posts from the same person…that’s annoying. Well, the same can be said for WordPress although it doesn’t happen as much on here, there are times when i will come across 3 blog posts from the same person back to back and although i appreciate the effort, it definitely puts me off on reading all 3 of your blog posts!


I hope this post didn’t come as being rude or anything haha but these were just a few things that annoy me at times.

What are some of your blogging pet peeves? Can you relate to any of these? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading xx

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21 thoughts on “My Blogging Pet Peeves!

  1. I completely agree with this list and hopefully and I do not do any of them myself! I once commented a really nice message on a girl’s blog. She replied to every other comment and only liked my one. I also don’t like spam comments where people message just asking for you to check out their page.

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  2. Good article. I agree with these points. Sometimes I do make posts with no pictures though, but it’s usually about a more serious topic that I feel photos are unnecessary for. However, pictures really are aesthetically pleasing and catch your eye, so I do try to include them in most of my entries.

    I always try to interact with my readers, but sometimes I just get busy with work and can’t respond right away. If I don’t reply to a comment on my actual blog, I will at least ‘like’ it, and then I eventually return comments on their blog (even if it takes me a week or two).

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    1. Oh yeah, I totally get it if it’s a post about a serious topic!
      Although, I’m the type of person to put photos on those types of post aswell hahah, but that’s all about personal preference! When it come to beauty, I think it’s necessary to add photos!
      I can relate with you on that. I really appreciate when other bloggers take the time out to comment on my posts when I have commented on theirs and I think that’s a huge part of interaction! Thanks for letting me know your point of view! 💕💕

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  3. Your pet peeves are pretty much mine! The worst is when the entire blog posts are massive paragraphs about certain products, and not one picture of any of them. I like a visual of what I’m reading, so I can see it for myself.

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