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September Favorites!

Hey guys!

Hope you are all doing well! September was definitely a really good month for me and although i’m sad it went by so fast, I am super excited for the upcoming months and all the exciting holidays and not to forget the amazing weather. (It’s still boiling hot in UAE 🙂). In this post, I’ll be sharing with you guys a few of my beauty favorites of the month so let’s get in to it!


The Body Shop Oils Of Life Facial Oil


I got this little bad boy in my Glam Box and instantly fell in love with it. I honestly love trying out facial oils since my skin is so dry and this one leaves my skin feeling super moisturized and SO FRIKKIN SOFT! It absorbs in to the skin so easily and is not greasy at all.  I’m super sad that I’m nearly out  if it but I definitely want to get the full size bottle.

Nivea Powder Touch Anti-Perspirant Spray


I am very picky when it comes to deodorants because I need something that keeps me dry and smelling good for a good amount of time and this deodorant does that. If you are looking for a good antiperspirant deodorant, definitely check this out!

St. Ives ‘Even & Bright’ Scrub



I am obsessed with St. Ives scrubs and I think this is the only one in their line that I hadn’t tried so of course I had to get it and of course I loved it haha! It has these small pink beads that help gently exfoliate the skin. Not a big fan of the smell of this one but i really like how it brightens my skin and leaves it looking and feeling fresh and clean.

Victoria’s Secret ‘Bombshell’ Body Lotion


One of my favorite scents from Victoria Secret and just in general is ‘Bombshell’ and when i saw that it came in this lotion form i knew i had to get it. Now i can lather myself in this goodness and smell amazing!

Avene Sun Care Cream


I rarely leave the house without putting some sun protection on and I’ve really been loving this one from Avene. It doesn’t feel super thick or greasy on the skin like some other sun protection creams tend to do and it sits well on it’s own or under makeup.

What were your beauty favorites for September? Are you excited for October? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading! xx

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