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5 Tips For Successful Blogging

I’ve learned quite a few things throughout my journey as a blogger and still have so much more to learn; however, today i decided to share with you guys 5 things that i have come to know are crucial to becoming a better blogger and hence creating good quality blog posts, gaining more views/traffic and a attracting a larger audience for your blog!

Get Organized

If you want to be a consistent blogger then this is key! The question is how do you get organized? Well, to begin with, to-do lists are going to be your best friend. Now, you don’t need any fancy planners (unless that motivates you to be more organized, then by all means, get them);  I like to keep it simple and use the notes in my phone and at the beginning of each week, i will type down what i have to accomplish each day in order to ensure my blog posts go up on the scheduled time and then throughout the day i will keep ticking things off.  This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed and will feel satisfied knowing that you are putting up a well-thought out , good quality blog post that is likely to get more views than one you crammed to get done at the last minute.


Manage Your Time

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that blogging has enormously helped me learn how to manage my time efficiently. First off, you need to set deadlines so that you don’t procrastinate and get things done. Second, make sure you prioritize blogging and use the free time you have to your advantage. Whether you’re sitting bored on the bus or at work or maybe you are just chilling at home with nothing to do, use that time to work on your blog posts, take pictures for your blog or think of new blog post ideas. If you want to be a successful blogger, then you need to be ready invest a lot of your time on it.


Don’t Stop Learning

Instead of comparing yourself to other bloggers in a negative way, start learning and getting inspired from them and in turn improve your own blogs. As a blogger, i am always trying to improve my work, whether it’s learning new photography techniques or creating better blog content, i realize there’s always room for improvement. As your blog improves, so will your views and followers count!



I know, i know, you’ve already heard this a million times already but i had to add this as you simply can’t be a successful blogger (in my opinion) if you don’t interact with your audience. Personally and i’m sure many of you can agree with me on this, i dislike bloggers who don’t bother replying to people who comment on their posts so please don’t be that person! What i like to do is go through the my ‘Reader’ on wordpress and open a bunch of blog posts, read them and leave a like and a nice comment. You could try finding blogs similar to yours on wordpress and do the same. Get your name out there and see how your views and follower count increases.


Promote your blog

Speaking of getting your name out there, social media is definitely going to be your life saver! Use Instagram, Twitter , Pinterest, honestly the more social medias you use to promote your content, the better! (Follow me on instagram guys: makeupmaniaccc #shamelesspromo). Not only will this increase your audience but it will make it easier for brands to notice you. I’m definitely lacking in this department as i only use Instagram at the moment buy hey it’s a work in progress.



And those were my top 5 tips to become a successful blogger. I really hope you guys enjoyed reading and got something useful out of this post.

What are your tips for successful blogging? Let me know in the comments! xx

All pictures used in this blogpost have been taken from Pinterest**

88 thoughts on “5 Tips For Successful Blogging

    1. Yess, definitely! It would have been so helpful if I could know these things when I first started blogging. And yes I also need to work on the last one which is promoting my content! Thanks for reading! 💕💕


    1. Thank you! 💕
      And yes, I’ve realized what a big difference managing my time has made not only in my blogging but just generally in my life! Thank you for reading! 💕


  1. Great tips! It’s definitely hard to not compare yourself to other peoples’ progress. When I see that someone has gained 3X the amount of followers that I have in the same amount of time, I definitely get depressed. But then I get over it and continue doing what I love. Blogging should be something that you genuinely enjoy, and to do that you just need to focus on your own progress sometimes.

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    1. I can totally relate with you. I’ll often come across bloggers who started blogging way after me and reached twice the number of followers as me. I’ve learned to accept it and move on and focus on my blog and it really helps! Thanks for reading! 💕💕


  2. I LOVE all of these tips, such a great post. Its definitely important to get organised & promote yourself. I feel like blogging is a LOT more promo than people actually realise! I also make it a point to reply to EVERY comment left on my posts, I mean if people take the time to comment I should make the time to reply!

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  3. I’m so glad you could relate! i want to start using social medias other than Instagram as well, i just don’t how I’m going to handle them all at the same time haha! And yes, replying to comments is such a necessity! Thank for reading girl! xx


    1. You’re welcome! 💕
      When I was new to blogging I didn’t share my blog posts on any social media platforms either but once I realized how important they are, I have been trying to use as many as I can! You should definitely use atleast Instagram! Thanks so much for reading! ☺️

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  4. I know that utilising social media like Instagram and Twitter helps a lot in growing my blog but self-promoting can be embarrassing sometimes. I hope you can give some advice on how to self-promote using social media next. *insert heart-shaped eyes emoji here*

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Personally, by self promotion I mean to post a picture on Instagram and twitter letting your followers know that you have posted a new blog post and uploading something on your insta story informing your followers on what you are upto. That gives your blog a more personal touch and it doesn’t necessarily have to be anything annoying like commenting on people’s posts and pictures telling them to check out your blog as I do find that quite embarrassing. There are many other ways of self promotion that I need to learn but this is mainly what I do!
      I hope that was helpful! 💕

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  5. So useful. Only been blogging for a little while and it’s something that I’m super passionate about. You can never stop learning is definitely something I’d agree with in all areas of life! Great post!

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  6. I’m always on the hunt for blogging tips and really resonate with so much of what you’ve put here. I also use my phone notes all the time for ideas and planning, and your advice on sharing and engaging really is so useful. So thank you!

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    1. Just read your post, it’s really nice and I think my biggest tip will always be to just stay consistent with your posts!
      Wish you all the best with your blog, if you need any help you can always message me on twitter or Instagram! ☺️💕

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  7. Great tips on blogging!!
    I really appreciate your time and effort and also the idea to actually inspire the budding bloggers to up their blogging productivity.
    Keep inspiring and Happy writing !!

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  8. As others have said, thanks very much for this post. I started working on blog posts back in March but didn’t go public with my blog until about 3 weeks ago. My blogging folder is full of tips, guides, pdfs of all varieties, from other bloggers. It’s tough to find time to read everything, write your own content, and promote your blog via social media. Right now I’m lucky to do my two blog posts per week. Once I get all of this down to an exact science, I can see myself going to 3x/week but I don’t know how daily bloggers do it!!

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    1. It really does get too much too fast especially as your blog grows, there are so many things you need to implement and learn- but it is all a process and takes time and patience! I also post only 2 weeks as that works best for me but I do want to start posting more often, I just do not have that many blogpost ideas haha! xx


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