Have you been affected by Instagram’s Shadow Ban’?

Have you noticed your engagement on instagram reducing, follower count deteriorating or photos not showing up in hashtags?  If the answer is yes, then you most probably are a victim of the Instagram shadow ban which so many users have been affected by recently, including me.

What is Instagram Shadow Ban?

A shadow ban makes your instagram account invisible and hides your posts from people who don’t follow you, which can be harmful to growing your account and getting more followers, If you get shadow banned, no matter what or how many hashtags you use in your posts, only you and your current followers will see your post when they search for the hashtags you used. This essentially defeats the whole purpose of using hashtags to grow your instagram audience.


I instantly knew i was affected by the shadow ban as my likes become excessively low and my follower count was just stuck at the same number and honestly, it was so stressful and demotivating. I knew there had to be a way to fix it though so i did tons of research and after a couple of tense weeks, my instagram finally got back to normal. Today, I will be sharing with you guys some tips on how to prevent  being shadowbanned and ways i lifted my ban.

  • Do not use broken hashtags

Many times, a completely innocent hashtag can become bombarded with inappropriate content, one of them which is very commonly used by us beauty bloggers being #beautyblogger which thankfully my fellow blogger The Girl In The Green Scarf told me about, after which i stopped using it. Even if you use a single banned hashtag in your post, Instagram will disallow your post from appearing on any of the hashtags you used! There are many hashtags that are broken so the best thing to do is to check each hashtag before using them. If you are shadowbanned, you will have to check all your previous pictures for any broken hashtags and remove them immediately (which is what i had to do and so many of my older pictures had broken hashtags in them which was the reason it took so long for the ban to be lifted) otherwise the ban will not be lifted.



  • Avoid using same hashtags

If you’re regularly using the same hashtags for long periods of time, Instagram might consider you’re being a little spammy and hence may shadow ban you, so try to switching up your hashtags for every picture you post, maybe try some new hashtags. This is one of the things I did to lift  my ban.

  • Avoid surges of activity

You need to abide by Instagram’s daily and hourly limits, This means the quantity of photos you like, the quantity of comments you leave and the amount of people you follow or unfollow. In most cases, you shouldn’t exceed 150 likes, 600 comments, and 60 follows/unfollows per hour.

  • Take a break from instagram

Many articles have advised to take 2-3 days off of instagram as many users have reported that after they stopped using Instagram for over 3 days, their ban was lifted after that. It almost seems like a “reset button” for your account. This is one of the ways i used to get my instagram back.

  • Report the problem to instagram

This is something which i can not say for sure is very effective but is definitely worth a try. If your account is shadowbanned, just go to your profile, and click “report a problem” and write a message to them saying  your posts aren’t being categorized in the hashtags you used. Do not write that you have been shadow banned or that you engagement is low as that is not their concern!

And that’s all guys, i really hope this post was helpful to any of you have been or are being affected by Instagram’s shadow ban or for those of who didn’t even know what shadow banning was, i hope you can take something useful out of this post and prevent that from happening to your account as i know how stressful it can be!

Have been affected but the shadow ban? If so, how did you fix it? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading! xx


61 thoughts on “Have you been affected by Instagram’s Shadow Ban’?

  1. I’m definitely affected by this, I hate the fact that instagram became such a boring platform. It used to be my favorite, right now I rarely go on it. I’m on break for months now, I post few photos here and there. Before I used to upload one photo every day, but now I just feel like it is not worth it. xx

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    1. I can totally relate with you! When it comes to promoting my blog, Instagram is my least favorite app, they have honestly made it so hard for people to promote their content! I actually ended up deactivating my account before due to how demotivated I felt but this time, it’s definitely better than the last as I try not to focus too much on my follower count! Hope you can get your motivation back to using it! 💕

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    1. You’re welcome! But low followers and likes doesn’t always necessarily mean you have been shadow banned, so you can check if you have been shadow banned or not and if so you can use these tips! 💕💕

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  2. The IG shadow ban is so annoying!!! They need to sort it out. Some of my friends have been effected but somehow I haven’t yet so fingers crossed it won’t get me xxx

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    1. You’re welcome! Just search a hashtag for example #beautyblogger you will see that at the end there is a short message this means this tag is broken. You can search other tags aswell and if the same thing comes means they are broken aswell and you shouldn’t use them! Hope that helped! 💕


  3. I’m not 100% sure if I’m shadowbanned, but I did do lots of research on it, since I noticed a major changes regarding my engagement :/ I’ve litterally tried all the tips out there, but I still feel stuck in a way. I have so many pictures on my profile, but I might have to go back to check if I have any broken tags on them 😦 Definitely going to take me a bit of time. I hope IG can find a solution to all of this madness

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    1. One way you can check if you have been shadow banned is to upload a picture using hashtags and then check if your picture is showing underneath the hashtags you used but check from another account other than your own, if it’s not there means you have been shadow banned!
      But yeah the engagement has been low for so many users on Instagram and it’s so frustrating!


  4. I genuinely thought I had been (a while ago) but checked it out and luckily wasn’t, but for some reason my posts aren’t getting any likes – I’m putting it down to bad photos haha! I seem all back to normal now though!!

    Claudia xo

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    1. Oh man! That’s been happening a lot lately on instagram! Just keep posting good content and hopefully you’ll see a difference! Instagram really can be annoying! 😒
      Thanks for reading! 💕☺️


    1. Tell me about it! I’m really enjoying twitter at the moment I feel it’s the best platform to promote your content to be honest Instagram barely helps me much! And yesss of course, thanks for following girl, I will follow you back! 💕💕

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  5. OMG! I had no idea about any of this! I knew there were issues and i’m deffo getting a few less likes, but i didn’t know what the actual reason was behind it! This is so informative and has really helped! One of the best things Ive read all day!

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    1. Yeah this has been happening to a LOT of people recently! If I hadn’t heard about it I would even know why my engagement was so low! But do make sure if that’s the cause behind it cause low engagement doesn’t necessarily always mean you have been shadow banned! Thank you so much, I’m so glad this was informative to you! 💕💕


  6. This has been useful! I read a similar post on Instagram by another blogger and since then I’ve been made aware of broken hashtags and literally it has made a difference, now even when I want to use a hashtag if it’s broken I just delete it. I also make it a point to check each hashtag individually on every post after posing! It’s time consuming but that way I immediately find if a hashtag has been banned. I’m just wondering one thing… do I have to go all the way back to my very first post and delete any hashtags that may be banned? Thanks xx

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    1. Yeah, same here! If I’m using any new hashtags I make sure to check that they aren’t broken!
      All the articles I read, it did say that if you have been shadow Banned you need to delete every broken hashtag from your account which is actually what got my account back to normal as I had used #beautyblogger on so many of my old photos so I had to go back and delete them all
      Since you haven’t actually been shadow banned, I don’t think that’s necessarily for you to do that plus if you have like 1000 photos it would take forever to check them all 😄
      You’re welcome! ♥️♥️

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      1. Haha I might still have a look tho! Maybe I’ll get more likes on my pics cause atm I’m suffering! Only have about 300 insta pics so I don’t mind having a look! Thanks for the tip xx

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  7. This has been so useful! My Instagram engagement has been terrible recently and I’ve still been in the dark as to why, but I think this may be my answer. Thank you for the tips, I’ll definitely be trying them out, in the hope I can get my engagement back up! x

    Han |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tell me about it, so many people including me are having such a hard time with Instagram at the moment! Just make sure it is due to shadow ban and not anything else though! I really
      hope you can get it back up! ☺️
      Thank you so much for reading! 💗💗

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