Things Blogging Has Taught Me…

After 2 years of blogging, i’ve learnt quite a few things along the way and in today’s posts i will be sharing with you some of them so let’s get into it!

Organization Skills

I will start of with this point because personally this is one that has affected me the most as a result of blogging. Prior to blogging, i rarely ever wrote to do lists or prioritized tasks. I would just just wake up and go about my day doing whatever i felt like; to be quite honest i can’t remember what i did with all my free time before i started blogging haha! Now, i can’t go a day without setting tasks for the next day, and in a way blogging has forced me to become organized in other areas of my life aswell making me an overall more productive person. I have always been an organized person though in the sense that i never like to leave thing to the last minute as that stresses me out; so in a way blogging has enhanced that quality in me and that is definitely a huge positive.


It Is Not As Easy As It Looks

When i first started blogging, it was a three step process for me- take pictures, write blogpost, publish and that’s it. As my blog has grown, i’ve had to invest more and more time on it in order to grow my audience and get my blog out there and now, i would say i spend around 4-5 hours if not more everyday doing some type of blog related activity whether it is taking the perfect makeup flatlay, writing new content, promoting my blog posts through instagram/twitter, engaging with other bloggers, replying back to comments, searching through Pinterest for more inspiration, phew! Don’t get me wrong i love doing all this and yes it is NOT the hardest thing in the world but it can become very time consuming and overwhelming at times and it definitely is not as easy as some people think it is!


Writing/Photography/Social Media Skills

Writing and photography- two main aspects of blogging. Obviously if you do something consistently, over time you become better at it and that goes for blogging as well. I’m not too sure about my writing skills but i’ve definitely gained some amazing photography skills such as what angles/lighting to use, how to edit photos to make them look more clean and professional. I’ve also learnt how to promote my content the right way through social medias such as Twitter and Instagram.


Learning Never Ends

This goes hand in hand with the previous point and is definitely something that is crucial if you want to keep growing your blog. If i was still using the same blogging techniques that i was using 2 years ago, i can guarantee you my blog wouldn’t be where it is right now. With blogging, i am forced to keep improving my content in order to stay competitive and i do inevitably compare my content to other bloggers that may have more professional looking blogs/instagrams than me and that’s not always a bad thing because at the end of the day, it motivates me to learn new techniques and constantly improve my blog.

What have you learnt from blogging? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading! xx

74 thoughts on “Things Blogging Has Taught Me…

  1. This is such a brilliant post 💕. Totally agree! I’m always amazed what blogging can teach us! I learned about SSL certificates and DNS checking the other day when all I wanted was a pretty theme on my blog he he 😄. Awesome post! ❤️ xx

    Bexa |

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    1. Thank youuu, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! 💗
      Haha, that’s so great, I actually have no idea what those things mean so I should probably get on that 🤔😄
      But I totally agree, I’m always learning new things along the way! ☺️

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  2. I totally agree with everything! Almost 2 years blogging and I still learn everyday! And it is much more difficult that it seems considering all the skills you need!! xx corinne

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  3. Hi, I agreee with everything that is in your post. Blogging is a continual learning curve and you develop new skills, and yes it is time consuming and planning is key to fit it into everyday life.

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  4. I definitely agree with the social media skills part! Honestly, getting into blogging has made me realize that I want to get into marketing on a more full-time basis, and the field is growing so quickly! And blogs can be a resume booster in their own right

    Sinéad |

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    1. That is so true, I feel so much more confident sharing certain things in my blog that I wouldn’t be able to otherwise and in a way that gives me confidence to share them in real life aswell! ☺️💕


  5. Gosh I so agree with you – I’ve never been so organised until I started blogging, and it’s been a HUGE help to the other aspects of my life. I really can’t wait to learn more things!

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    1. Agreed! 🙌🏼
      Although sometimes certain things seem daunting and complicated to learn, i feel in the end, they are super helpful and I always feel accomplished after learning them! 💕


  6. I haven’t even been blogging for a long time, but keeping my things more organized and writing down notes is something that I’ve been doing a lot 🙂 Really help put together better quality posts. 4-5 hours is quite a lot :O But blogging + keeping up with an IG account does take a lot more time than the average person would think.

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    1. I think after I’ve started using twitter, I’ve actually see myself spending way more time promoting my blog! 😅
      It really does, I want to start using Pinterest but I’m worried at how time consuming maintaining all 3 social media’s will be, haha!
      But at the end of the day, I do enjoy blogging so it’s worth it! ☺️💕


  7. Yes I can definitely agree with that blogging has made me much more organised, especially given how time consuming it can be at times! This is why I disagree with anyone who ever tries to argue that blogging is ‘pointless’ because it teaches us so many fundamental and transferrable skills:)

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    1. It’s very frustrating that people think it’s not time consuming or pointless, the more serious I’ve gotten about blogging, the more time and effort I see myself putting in to it and it really makes me appreciate all the other bloggers now as I’m sure they put in just much time if not more! And yes blogging can teach us so many useful skills! ☺️💕


    1. Thank you! 💗💗
      That’s true I guess we are always learning whether it’s blogging or some other part of our life! It’s amazing that you can do something you enjoy and keep learning a long the way! ☺️

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  8. I love this post! I can wholeheartedly agree with literally all of these things – before blogging, I was an absolute mess in terms of productivity, but it completely changed my mental state and organisational capabilities. It’s definitely not as easy as it looks (and you’re so right about the time it takes – it’s a full on commitment) but it’s so rewarding to learn and grow xx

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  9. I can relate to all of these things. It is so time consuming and you need so much dedication that I have to stay organised. And I don’t know what I did with my free time before either, but suddenly I seem to have to look for any spare moments to relax. xx

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    1. Hey!
      I don’t use Pinterest as of now but for twitter, the best way you can promote your blog posts is through comment threads that are conducted by blogger accounts on twitter. This is basically a way for bloggers to swap comments on each other’s blogposts, not only does this greatly help your views but it also helps you find some other amazing bloggers! 💕☺️


  10. Thanks for this post. Yes is harder then It look specially for newbie like me. I am in this world since last Year and still need to find the right path.

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    1. Haha! I totally get you!
      I only use twitter and Instagram to promote my blogposts as of now but want to start using Pinterest aswell in the near future!
      Instagram is a tough one, it can get quite frustrating at times so my tip would be to be patient and keep posting good content and engaging with others!
      For twitter, which is my favorite social media for blogging, you can join in blogger chats and comment threads, they honestly help SO MUCH in bringing traffic to your blog!
      I really hope that was helpful! 💕💕

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