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Origins Masks- Are They Worth The Hype?

Hey beauties!

This week i’m back with a review and today we will be talking about face masks from the brand ‘Origins’. Origins is a very famous skincare brand and i’m sure most of you have heard of it. I will be testing out and giving you my opinion on the top 3 bestsellers masks that they have. Are they really worth the hype and the price? If you want to find out, then keep on reading!


Before starting out, i will mention that i have dry skin, so if you have oily or combination skin, these masks might work differently for you; however i will be mentioning throughout the post which masks are best suited for which skin type.

Origins Active Charcoal Mask ($27)


This mask is made specifically to clear pores as the “Bamboo Charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers”. First step is to open your pores with a warm towel- i want to mention that this step is essential as i noticed that this mask didn’t work as effectively when i skipped this step. Go ahead and apply an even layer of the mask all over face and wait until completely dry.  I noticed that my face felt stingy and warm as soon as i put it on; however that was just the mask doing it’s work and i weirdly enjoyed that sensation. After it had completely dried, i took the warm towel again to help loosen the mask and rinsed thoroughly.

A very attractive picture of me with the mask on lol!

RESULTS: Instantly, i could see that my face looks very refreshed and clean- this mask did a good job of cleaning out any dirt or oils from my pores and to be quite honest, no charcoal mask i have used previously has made my face feel this clean and bright. My skin felt soft and smooth to the touch but i was a bit disappointed as my whiteheads were very visible but that tends to happen to me after i use charcoal masks. I was very happy that this didn’t excessively dry my skin as many charcoal masks tend to do. Overall, i believe this mask is definitely worth the hype and the high price and i would highly recommend it to any one wanting a good charcoal mask to help clean pores. (Suitable for oily, dry or combination skin)

Retexturizing Mask With Rose Clay ($27) 


This mask is specifically made to improve the texture of the skin. “Made with Mediterranean Rose Clay, Canadian Willowherb and exfoliating Jojoba beads, helps gently deep clean while refining skin’s texture. Pores appear to vanish. Clarity is restored. Glow is instant.” I apply a thin layer of this mask all over my face and wait for it to dry which it does quite fast. My skin felt tight as it dried down.There is something very pleasing about the thick texture of this mask with the exfoliating beads and i thoroughly enjoyed the process of applying it. After it dries, make sure to wet your fingertips and massage your face in circular motions to exfoliate and then rinse off completely.


RESULTS: My face felt super soft and smooth. There was minimized texture on my nose (where i have the most texture issues)  and my pores felt smaller. I was a bit disappointed that it did not work as well for my chin area but the overall texture of my face was improved. My face felt nice and matte but NOT DRY which again is a plus point. There was no radiance and my pores did not vanish as claimed by the mask. Overall, i  do think the price is a bit high on this one but it is definitely worth a try if you are willing to spend that much money especially for those who suffers with major skin texture issues. (Suitable for dry, oily and combination skin)

Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask ($27)


This mask is made specifically for dry skin with the key ingredient being Avocado in order to “hydrate and quench the skin’s thirst” This is an overnight mask that you apply to your skin after washing it with your usual face wash and any excess product can be wiped off with a tissue. It’s like using a very thick moisturizer.


RESULTS: Although i really like the idea behind this mask and was super excited for it because it is made specifically for dry skin, it just didn’t give me the results i was expecting. First of all, my face felt quite sticky and greasy while i had it on all night which was kind of uncomfortable and that is something i wouldn’t mind if it delivered the results it promised but it didn’t. Although it really helped with the dryness on my nose area and made my skin super soft, my skin did not feel anymore hydrated, refreshed or supple then if i had just put on some coconut oil on my face and went to sleep. Keeping the price in mind, i don’t this mask is worth what you are paying and is definitely not something i would purchase again. (Suitable for dry and normal skin)

I hope you guys enjoyed this review and found it useful and perhaps gained some knowledge on which one would suit you best if you were considering buying one!

Have you tried these masks? Do you think they are worth the hype and price? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading! xx

98 thoughts on “Origins Masks- Are They Worth The Hype?

    1. I definitely want to try more of their products, and haha you would probably not mind the stickiness then but I felt like there was no point of me spending that much money if I could get the same results by putting coconut oil on my face at night which is WAY cheaper! 😅

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  1. I’ve heard of Origin’s skincare but never tried it! I’ve looked at the charcoal mask before but I wasn’t too sure about it, will definitely look more into it now after reading this! I’m not sure what I would think of the drink up intensive overnight mask too – think it would be a bit strange leaving that on your face overnight! I would worry it would come off onto my pillow or something haha.


    Liked by 3 people

    1. Haha, no don’t worry about that because it kind of absorbs in to your skin because it’s like a moisturizer except it’s REALLY thick!
      As for the charcoal I’d definitely recommend you look it up! There skin care range is pretty amazing! 💕

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing the link to your blog. It is so inviting. I am going to enjoy it. I can’t remember how to work my Instagram, but I followed anyway. You won my heart with the Beehive Coffee House

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  2. I’ve tried the charcoal mask before and I remember liking it. I don’t remember it working well enough for me to want to continue using. But then I had bad skin at the time and was kind of waiting on a miracle. These are great reviews and well informative. x

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      1. Omg, sameee! That’s such a great idea, I’ll definitely try that cause last time I just put it all over my face so maybe I can try focusing it on the areas that tend to get more dry!

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  3. I’ve been wanting to try out a charcoal mask for ages so I will be looking into the origins one for sure as it sounds wonderful! And I’m sorry to hear you didn’t have a good experience with the final product – it’s always a shame when quality does not live up to price 😦 Thank you for sharing your review! Xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! 💕
      And yes I did have high expectations from it but I will continue using it, it’s not that bad just not as good as it should be and yes definitely give the charcoal one a try! 💗💗


  4. I didn’t try any product from Origin before, I really want to try eye cream that comes in orange pot and also charcoal mask that you reviewed. I always need to have a good charcoal mask in my stash, because my skin gets really oily. xx

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  5. Hey Hun, I’ve never heard of this brand before so thank you for your blog. I liked the idea of the avacodo one a bit disappointing that it didn’t work for you. But I like the idea of the charcoal one I must try a charcoal mask on my skin to see how it works for me.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey there! 💗
      You’re welcome! ☺️
      And yes I was a bit disappointed with it but you should try out the charcoal one, it’s pretty good! Thanks for reading! 💕💕


  6. It’s a shame you didn’t like the Drink Up Intensive mask as I have dehydrated skin and on the head of it it sounds pretty good! But then there are some beauty products that I hate but I know people love!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

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  7. I have oily skin so products are perfect for me. I’ve even seeing so much about Origins lately so I’ll try to incorporate their products into my own routine! Based off your post I’d say they live up to the hype!
    Ellie | xx

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    1. Yes they definitely do, just a little bit disappointed with the avacado one but if well! And yes I think both the charcoal and rose clay would be perfect for your skin , definitely check them out! ☺️💕


  8. I have tried the rose clay mask – I got a freebie from Sephora – at first I wasn’t sure but then when I reused it – I realised how smooth my skin was afterward and actually seemed brighter in a way – not too sure on that one or if it’s an illusion because the mask is pink aha. I need to try the charcoal mask – I think that would work really well for my skin. Great review!

    Hayley | hayleyxmartin

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    1. You know what, I also noticed that these masks worked better with multiple uses and even I felt like the pink mask made my face brighter haha!
      And yeah, I was really happy with the charcoal one as well! Definitely give it a try! 💕


    1. Thank you, I’m so happy it helped you out! 💕
      I totally get you, I would think twice before purchasing such a high priced mask but I was happy with the results! 💕


  9. I really enjoyed reading all the comments left here & stopping by the blogs of those who left their links. With that being said I would love to invite all who are interested to my February Blog Party at There is already a few Readers mingling & just waiting to view your wonderful blogs. I am really looking forward to the engagements & reading your blogs as well. With Great Love & Respect! Ms. Flo

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      1. You are so engaging in your comments, I really like that. I try to do the same as well. I even check them to make sure I didn’t miss anyone. I will be back to see you in the Conversations in Reader. It is so helpful!

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