5 Apps Every Blogger Needs!

In this day and age, it is not enough to simply write a blogpost, click the publish button and wait. As bloggers, we must put out great content, engage with others, get inspired, keep learning and promote our content to the best of our ability. There are numerous tools available to us to achieve that and today, I will be sharing with you 5 apps that I believe every blogger should have and that have tremendously helped me throughout my blogging journey so let’s get in to!


I am sure most of not all of you have an account on instagram whether it be a personal one or one that is specifically for your blog or perhaps you have one that you use for both purposes. In any case, instagram has become a necessity for any blogger seeking to be successful and working with brands. I personally use Instagram to promote my blogposts, write mini reviews on products in loving and share a little bit of my life with my followers. Although Instagram has come under a lot of negative light lately due to its algorithm issues and what not, there is no denying that it is the largest growing social media platform for bloggers. If you are looking to work with brands, and hopefully turn your blog in to a business, then Instagram is the place go.



Twitter- my personal favorite social media for blogging! My blog traffic has literally doubled after I started promoting my content on there and I HIGHLY recommend this app to all bloggers. Twitter introduced me to a huge community of amazing and talented bloggers that I did not even know existed. I love how supportive and helpful everyone on there is! While Instagram is a more polished version of your life, twitter is where it all gets real- in a good way. But how does it benefit your blog? Well, for one you can take part in comment threads and chats that are hosted by blogger accounts on there (Bloggerstribe, GRLPOWR, thebloggercrowd, teacupClub are just some examples). Comment threads not only allow you to share your content with a large group of people but can also help you find some great new content. You can also post links to your blog posts on there and tag blogger re-tweet accounts so that your content reaches a bigger audience.



This app is literally my go to for any type of inspiration whether it be blog related or other random stuff like food and house decor. Many successful bloggers have claimed that Pinterest is also a major source of traffic for their blogs although I still haven’t completely figured out how that works, so if you have any advice, please so let me know in the comments! Anyways, other than that Pinterest has tons of articles on blogging tips, tips for blog photography, how to increase your traffic/engagement that can be super helpful especially if you are a beginner at blogging.


This app for me is a major time saver! It allows you to share and schedule posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even Linkdin although I only use it for Twitter. For twitter, you simply need to make a post with the link of the blogpost, time and day you want it to go up at and the app will automatically post it at that specific time. What I love doing is at the beginning of the week, I will schedule one post to go up every day of the week and that way I will continuously be getting traffic on my blog without having to worry about constantly promoting my content!


Sick of people constantly following and then unfollowing you on Instagram? Tired of gaining lots of followers one day and then losing double that the other day? Well, by using this app you can ensure that you keep your followers and following on Instagram in check and in balance. It basically tells stuff like who has recently followed and unfollowed you, the people you are following but they aren’t following back. Might sound a bit extreme to keep an eye on this stuff but it’s important to make sure your followers are genuine and ones that will be engaging with your content and not ones that are merely concerned with the number of followers THEY have and this app has helped me tremendously with that aspect!


And those are my top 5 blogging apps that I use on a daily basis to save time and make sure I’m on top of my blogging game!

What are your top blogging tools/apps? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading xx

*All pictures other than the featured image have been taken from Pinterest.

72 thoughts on “5 Apps Every Blogger Needs!

  1. I think I got all of these apps except for Hootsuite. We use buffer and have been quite happy with it. I am obsessed with instagram so for sure a must have xx corinne

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    1. Oh yeah! It’s kind of the same thing. Buffer didn’t work for me for some reason though so I had to go with Hootsuite! And yes girl definitely get followers, it soo helpful! 💗


  2. I only heard of followers the tehe day and I actually never heard of Hootsuite lol. I’m always so out of the loop. They all are important to have esp with people playing games. I have no problem following someone who doesn’t follow back…it’s when they follow you first then unfollow cause of stats or engage with you constantly but refuse to follow because of numbers. Great share hun 💕

    xx Lena |

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    1. Thank you lovely! 💕
      I would totally recommend hootsuite/buffer, it’s so helpful for scheduling tweets and Instagram posts! And yes, that is sooo annoying isn’t it! 🙄


    1. Thank you, I’m so glad you found this helpful!
      What do you mean ‘blog twitter off the ground’? Hehe
      If you mean how to use twitter for your blog, I can give you some tips! ☺️💕


  3. Wonderful post! I love the way in which both Instagram and Twitter, despite their shortfalls, allows us to connect with likeminded people. I’ve never tried using Hootsuite before but it sounds like a fab way to schedule tweets so will check it our for sure! Xx

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  4. I recently got the Followers app the other day and it was really eye opening. So many fake accounts and bots follow and unfollow! I need to have a look at Hootsuite, it sounds so useful and time-saving! Great post, so helpful, thank you for sharing 💖 xx

    Bexa |

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    1. You’re welcome! I know right, it really is so surprising to see that but also satisfying to get rid of those bot Instagram accounts haha! You should totally check it out, it really helps me out a lot! 😘💕💕

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    1. Omg are you serious! Because that what happened to me with Buffer haha! I downloaded it first but for some reason it just wouldn’t work so had to get hootsuite instead! 💕


    1. Oh really! I had no idea that was a thing but I actually only use hootsuite for twitter and it is worked really well for me. Maybe people say those cause sometimes if you schedule like 5 posts for one day it can become a little spammy!
      Also, many people use buffer instead of hootsuite but they are both kinda the same thing so you can use either! ☺️💗💗


    1. Oh, that’s awesome! 💗
      Well, it depends which social media you want to increase your followers on! But mostly, just posting consistently, engaging with others and having good photos can really help drive traffic to your blog and Instagram! I do have quite a few posts that help on how to increase your following so maybe you could check those out! ☺️ thanks for reading! 💕

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  5. omg the whole follow and then unfollow thing is honestly the worst… So frustrating!!
    I totally agree with you with Instagram & Twitter too – they have 100% upped my blog traffic plus it’s so nice to connect with other bloggers and like-minded people! Great post babe xx

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    1. Thanks lovely! 💗💗
      And yes it’s so frustrating! 😫
      I totally prefer twitter over insta in terms of blogging but Instagram is important for brands so gotta stick with it haha! And yes I loveee getting to find new bloggers that have amazing content! ☺️


  6. I have all of these (apart from Hootsuit) and i love them all and use them daily! I use Buffer for work scheduling and Smart Post for my blog scheduling (which arguably isn’t the best app in the world but it does the job) and I schedule my posts for each day in the morning so I don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day! ❤

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  7. I really need to try Hootsuite. I use Buffer but I’ve heard such great things about Hootsuite that I may switch to that one. Do you know if you can manage more than one Instagram account on it?

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