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Fenty Beauty Lip Paint Review!

It is no doubt that Fenty Beauty- Rihanna’s makeup line has taken the beauty world by a storm. By coming out with a total of 40 shades of foundations on her very first launch, Rihanna has proved to us that her beauty line is all about celebrating diversity. The same was kept in mind when coming out with her new ‘Stunna’ Lip Paint ($24) that is supposed to be the ‘perfect universal red’ that ‘looks incredible on all skin tones’. Being a brown skinned girl, i have always had a hard time finding my perfect shade of red so obviously this product really intrigued me and i had to put it to the test. Is this a universal red shade? Is it long lasting? Since it is matte, will it be comfortable to wear for long hours? If you want to know the answer to these questions and how well this product performed for me, the keep on reading!



First of all, let’s talk about the gorgeous and sleek packaging. The lip paint comes in a small glass jar which i found so cool because this is quite different from the typical liquid lipstick packaging. The beautiful silver mirrored wand has the ‘FENTY BEAUTY’ logo inscribed on it in grey. I love how long the wand is as it really makes it easy to hold and be more precise with while applying the lipstick. The actual applicator is quite unique as well as you can see in the picture below and i honestly don’t even know how to describe this particular shape! Overall, I really appreciate how aesthetically pleasing this packaging is and it would look so pretty just sitting their on your vanity.


Consistency & Shade

The consistency of this lip paint was more on the liquid-y side so you do have to be careful while applying it. It is VERY pigmented so i always make sure to use a light hand because a little product goes a long way which is obviously a plus point as this will definitely last me for awhile.

Now, is this a shade that would look good on all skin tones? Well i cant speak for everybody but for someone who has a hard time with reds, i thought this went beautifully with my skin tone. This is something i could easily wear out without feeling conscious. I even saw photos of ladies with many different skin tones rocking this lip on Fenty Beauty’s website and i could not get over how amazing it looked on each and every one of them so yes i think Rihanna did an amazing job at coming up with a shade that looks good on so many different skin tones and it can totally be classified as a ‘universal red’.



This is claimed to be a ‘weightless, 12 hr liquid lipstick with a soft matte finish’ and i have to say it stood up to all those claims. The lipstick felt so light and comfortable on my lips that as soon as i put it on i actually forgot it was even there which is NOT the case with most liquid lipsticks. Even though I hadn’t exfoliated my lips beforehand, it did not exaggerate the dryness or fine line of my lips and did not feel sticky at all when i put my lips together. Keep in mind i did not wear this with a lip liner which i normally would just to see how good it lasted on its own. I had it on for around 5-6 hours during which i did activities such as eating and sleeping to really test its staying power (well the nap i took was definitely not planned but oh well).


On the website, they mentioned that this lipstick will “not feather and stay kiss ably smooth.”  and that is one claim i would disagree with because it is transferable as i did a test on the back of my hand, after it had completely dried off and it did transfer so i don’t think kissing with this would be a good idea haha! Having said that, while eating it did not smudge or transfer to my chin or anything- the only thing i noticed was that it kind of came off from the inner part of the lip but nothing major which is amazing considering i had a burger. I was very surprised to see that it did not come off after my nap either, it was still pretty much there and did not smudge!


Final thoughts

Overall, i am SO happy with this product and honestly feel like i have found my all time favorite red lipstick. I do wish it wasn’t transferable but you know what taking in to consideration everything else such as the shade, pigmentation, consistency and lasting power, this lipstick has definitely surpassed my expectations in a good way. I highly recommend this to anyone on a lookout for a good red lipstick because trust me, you will NOT be disappointed!

Have you  tried this lip product? If so, what are thoughts? If not, would you consider buying it? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading xx


96 thoughts on “Fenty Beauty Lip Paint Review!

  1. Looks great on you, I’ve been wanting to try this as well! The claims that it goes with everyone’s skin tone just has me so curious as I normally like deep red tones on myself. I’m going to give it a try!

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    1. The quality is amazing, you definitely get what you pay for! As for the transferring problem, I was a bit disappointed too but considering the other good aspects I feel for me that’s not such a big deal. Honestly, I can’t tell and they haven’t even described the shade on their website, like it’s definitely not pinky red or orange-y, I would say it’s a true red! 💕


    1. I totally get you, I really want to get more of fenty beauty products myself!
      Thanks a lot, and yes the staying power definitely exceeded my expectations and now I know I can wear this out and eat and not have to worry about it smudging or anything! 💕💕


  2. Wow, that colour is sooo pretty and so is the packaging! The colour really suits you! I’m never brave enough to go with a red lip colour, haha, maybe I should give this a try. It’s a shame that it transfers but everything else makes it sound perfect!


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    1. I know! Red is definitely a color I wouldn’t usually go for but I am trying to step out of my comfort zone more and more with makeup and this makes product definitely makes it easier to do so! 💕💕

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    1. The applicator is quite different and to be honest I don’t understand why they made it that way because I definitely didn’t feel that it made the application any easier!
      But I would still highly recommend this! ☺️
      Thanks for reading! ♥️♥️

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    1. Yaaay!!!! That’s awesome, I’m excited for you to use it! 💗💗
      Hahah, it’s okay I get it plus I feel after the holidays people want to tone down with the red lip sometimes 😅
      I really hope you like it as much as I did! ☺️


  3. Lovely review! I’m glad you like the lippie. My bestie bought this and wa super excited, the packaging like you said is great, and she agrees but was a bit disappointed. I think due to the transferring cause she has full lips and it got all over her sides and chin. I personally think the color is ok, it’s not a wow for me I guess cause I’m extremely picky with reds. Lovely photos and it looks very nice on you.

    xx Lena |

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    1. Thank you! ♥️♥️
      Ugh, that’s so frustrating that it transferred to her chin, I was actually super content because that didn’t happen to me but I guess as you said she had more full lips!
      Yeah I totally get you, reds can be quite tricky and usually always go with deep berry reds as they suit my skin tone beat but I really loved how this looked as well!
      Thanks lovely! 😘


    1. No i didn’t feel that it made it any harder or easier to apply in comparison to your typical wand.
      Oh no don’t worry about that, I didn’t have that problem with this lipstick at all, I actually like how long the wand is! 💗💗

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  4. This looks beautiful on you! I’ve been wanting to try this, as red usually goes well with my skin tone and hair color, but just haven’t invested yet. Since i’m a sucker for a matte that wears light and doesn’t have a drying effect, I may have to give it a go! Some of her other products on the other hand I’ve felt a little different about….like the Matchback Trios, which I would love to see you do a review on! (and I’d love to chat about what you think about it if you try it!, that is if you haven’t already) 🙂

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    1. Oo I actually have not tried the Matchback Trios, surprisingly I didn’t even see it on her website, I’ll have to look in to it!
      But I would definitely recommend this lipstick to you especially since you are a lover of red lips! ☺️💗💗

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  5. Stunna looks great on you girl! 🙂 I haven’t tried any of Rih’s makeup, but I plan to (…and I never care about celebrities launching beauty stuff, etc, either). I have been watching all the reviews of her makeup by all shades of women and very popular YouTube Makeup vloggers. I’m very impressed by what I have seen and heard. Rih really took the Fenty Beauty venture seriously and went savage on the makeup industry, forcing many makeup companies to VERY QUICKLY come out with more diverse shades, or re-emphasize existing diverse skin colors in their makeup line. I also noticed, that with Fenty Beauty’s incredible video promo ad featuring many different skin colors and religions when they were gearing up to launch, other makeup brands took note and tried to make their ads more diverse too! Rih still kicked all their asses tho, lol, because her intention was genuinely to include ALL colors of women. As a black woman and fellow Caribbean girl (my ethnic background, but I live in Canada), I’m very proud of her and I hope she keeps shining! Loved your review and I can’t wait to get all up in Fenty Beauty! I already picked out the lip colors, etc, that I want to try, lol! 🙂 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for this comment! I totally agree, she really had a vision with this makeup line and did a great job at making it reality! I hope you love the shades you have picked out! I’m really looking forward to trying out her highlighters as I’ve heard amazing things about it! ♥️☺️

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  6. Everyone I’ve seen wear that lipstick looks amazing, regardless of skin tone!
    I was hesitant to buy it because the opaque-ness made me think that it would be thick and gloopy like some other formulas… Since you said that it’s so lightweight I may have to check it out! 💕

    Erin Nicole –

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