Why Is Anxiety More Common Now?

I often find myself asking this question- has the rate of people suffering from anxiety increased over the years or is it just that people are now more aware of it and hence more willing to speak up about it. Having suffered from anxiety myself, I am very curious to know what is causing this increased anxiety in our generation  and what are some ways we could try to lower it.


Social media is a huge part of our generation and although it helps us stay connected and makes us more aware about what is going on around the world, it can be a very likely cause of anxiety.  We are all well too aware of how addicting social media can be. Scrolling through our Instagram/Twitter/Facebook feeds day and night can quickly turn in to a vicious cycle of constant comparison and feeling like we aren’t good enough  Comparing our real lives to those  perfectly filtered photos of relatives/celebs on luxurious weekends having the time of their lives can most certainly start to take a toll on us. We might feel like we are not good enough or that our lives aren’t as amazing.  This type negative thinking only make things worse. Also, the lack of face to face interaction that comes about from excessive social media usage could also be harmful sometimes. I believe it is always a good idea to have a little social media detox and keep yourself in tune with what’s going around you rather than living your life through a screen!


Now don’t get me wrong, it’s always good to set your yourself big goals however living in a generation where the phrase ‘you can be anything you want’ is used so much, it’s hard to not feel the pressure. Compared to older generations, we are a more goal oriented generation; we want to follow our dreams and passion and pursue a not only successful but also a fulfilling career. Although this is a good thing, it can be stressful if your goals are harder to reach and even so when failures are seen as a sign of incompetencey or weakness. Failure goes hand in hand with success and many times we feel like giving up when things don’t seem to be going our way which again can cause anxiety. It is important to know that success won’t come to you in one day. It can take years of hard work, patience, experimenting and so ‘following your dream’ can sometimes be easier said than done.


It’s so great to see how a once taboo topic is now openly and freely talked about. Perhaps the increase in awareness on mental disorders such as anxiety has allowed more people to admit their struggles and seek help instead of suffering in silence. That could be why it seems that anxiety is more common now but in reality these mental disorder were just unknown in the previous generations.

What do you think? Is today’s generation more anxiety-ridden than the ones before us? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

*I am no expert on anxiety- this is just me expressing my thoughts and opinions on it from what I think and from what I’ve researched online. Please don’t take anything I have mentioned in this post in a negative way or if I have mentioned something you don’t agree with, feel free to let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading xx

119 thoughts on “Why Is Anxiety More Common Now?

  1. Interesting post! One of my friends has a theory that *everyone* has anxiety. I think she’s right in as much as everyone has the capacity to experience it – much like everyone has the capacity to experience frustration, or anger, or love, or joy. I think one of the problems now is the ‘positivity brigade’ – the theory that if you ‘think positive’, everything will be ok. There are many things in life which make us anxious and that anxiety is a normal reaction. For example I have serious eye problems which cause me huge anxiety. The tricky bit is learning how best to manage the anxiety without resorting to the oversimplification of that ‘think positive’ theory…

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    1. That’s so interesting and I totally agree, I do believe everyone has anxiety- what differs is at what extreme they feel that anxiety. Just like with anger I guess as some people have major anger issues while others don’t so yes you are right it’s definitely something we need to learn how to manage!
      Thanks sharing that!xx

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  2. I think anxiety is more prevalent now days because we are more hurried as a society. With everything at our fingertips we expect life to speed along as well. When do we relax? Thanks for the good read!

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  3. Great post! Social media certainly doesn’t help, at least not in the way most people use it. I also thing you’re right on the pressures of the future and success. People used to graduate high school then they went on to work in the blue collar jobs their parents and grandparents worked before them. College became more accessible by way of loans ( even though it’s actually become less affordable or practical). Nowadays everyone can be a CEO or an influencer in whatever field. There’s a lot of pressure. I’m currently in a place where I’m trying to find a balance between lofty aspirations and remaining present. When I get to ahead of myself, the anxiety goes through the roof.

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    1. So true! The possibilities of what you can be in this generation are endless, people are highly ambitious and with that comes anxiety! Thanks for reading and giving your point of view! xx

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  4. I believe everyone gets anxiety. For some people, it’s a normal part of their lives and they can deal with it easily without it blowing up into a huge problem that wrecks havoc on their personality or how they interact with people or deal with situations that make them anxious. Or maybe I just have a more rose-tinted glasses view on people who don’t struggle with anxiety to the extent I have experienced, so I assume they deal with their anxieties in a more well-balanced and healthier way.

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    1. I like your point of view and do agree that everyone has anxiety but everybody deals with it in a different manner and the extent to which it affects them is different too!
      I do believe for people who don’t go through too much anxiety would have a hard time understanding those who do!
      Thanks for reading! 💗

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