5 Simple Tips To Stay Organized!

Being organized can impact so many areas of our life positively. Not only can it help us be more stress free and get things done faster but it can also help us feel more in control of our daily activities. I have always been a somewhat organized person but after taking on these 5 simple habits, i have seen a huge positive difference in my productivity levels!


To do lists have literally transformed my life, as dramatic as that sounds. Writing down a lists of all the things I need to accomplish the next day before going to sleep has really helped me feel less overwhelmed and make the tasks seem more manageable. By having the tasks neatly written down, I have noticed that I am so much more productive and motivated as I simply need to complete the task and tick it off my list. This has especially helped me when it comes to blogging and making sure my posts are going up at the scheduled times!

stay organized using to-do lists


By prioritizing certain tasks, you can make sure to complete the most important/time consuming/difficult tasks earlier in the day when your energy is at it maximum and leave the others for later during the day. For example, when it comes to blogging I make sure to get done with my blog photography first, as that’s the most time consuming part for me. Setting deadlines can also be super useful especially if you are someone who tends to procrastinate as it forces you to get up and get the task done instead of assuming you have all the time in world and continuously delaying the tasks.


The condition of your living environment will to a certain degree affect your productivity levels. Personally, when I clean up my room/workspace, I instantly feel more organized, motivated and ready to get on with my wok with a clear mind. Something as simple as making your bed can set you off on a good start. One of the easiest way to stay organized is by putting things back where they belong immediately after you have used them.  This might not seem like a big problem at first but once things start piling up and nothing seems to be in it’s right place, not only will you waste time looking for things but everything can start to seem way more stressful than it is.

stay stress free with an organized workspace


Planning ahead is so important especially when it comes to blogging. You can use a planner if that helps you but simply writing down any major events you have coming up can help you ensure you get your work done before hand so that you are not a flustered mess trying to get done things at the last minute. Fore example, writing your blogposts in bulk if you know you have a few busy weeks coming up can help you stay consistent with your blogging and you can be rest assured that you are putting up good content and not something you typed up at the last minute.


Yes, you heard it! Imagine the amount of work we could get done in all that time we spent mindlessly scrolling through our Instagram feeds. Going through social media is a part of our jobs as bloggers but limiting the amount of time you spend on there can undoubtedly increase your productivity levels.

be productive by managing time effectively

What are some tips you use to stay organized? Let me know in the comments!

96 thoughts on “5 Simple Tips To Stay Organized!

    1. Thanks girl! 😘
      Haha, to do lists are everything!
      I was so bad at keeping my room clean before but I’ve gotten in to the habit now and can’t start working if my space is dirty haha! Thanks for reading! ☺️


  1. I love writing to do lists. My bullet journal is full of them! I like writing my tasks out on paper and then ticking them off once I’ve completed them. It’s so satisfying. These are great tips! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I love these ideas and I swear by to do lists! I like the idea of writing the list before you go to sleep for the next day. I always get into bed and lay there stressing over things. I think if I wrote the list before going to sleep I would probably find it easier to switch off! xx

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  3. These are very useful tips indeed. Especially love the last one, cause yeah social media definitely encourages overthinking at times, which is rarely something to benefit from.

    Giulia x

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  4. I love this post! I just recently started making TODO lists in my journal and it really does help a lot. It especially helps me with those days of feeling like you’re not doing anything productive, if you’re the type who likes to keep busy. I almost always need a clean space to do anything, makes me crazy if not lol!

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  5. It is amazing how much more work I can get done whenever my work space is clean; it’s so much easier to concentrate on what I need to get done. Something else I’ve found that works is taking little breaks — I work for fifteen to twenty minutes straight through, then take a two minute break before diving back into work.

    Great post! x


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  6. I don’t use any tips to stay organized because I am literally the MOST unorganized person I have ever encountered. It’s bad! Thank you for the tips, hopefully I can out them all into action.

    Elise //

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  7. A post like this is just what I needed to read right now, I’m extremely unorganized at the moment, and suffocating with my work lol! I love to do lists, maybe I’ll do one tonight for tomorrow, and that will be even better however!!

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  8. Great post! I agree with all the tips. I’m forever making to-do lists as it helps me see what needs to get done and it also helps me prioritise tasks when they are all written in front of me.

    Sabah ||

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  9. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips. I have to get myself organized though. Planning ahead helps a lot. I do that some times but never follow to do list hehehe. I try do finish all the other chores that are in my way before I start something more important. Clean work area is a great motivation for sure. 🙂

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  10. Great post. One of my tips to staying organized is having a plan for things that commonly clutter up your home/office (e.g. having a place to take the mail where you can go through it immediately, toss/shred anything irrelevant, have a place for action items, and another for any records that need to be kept long term. Love the way you put your post together.

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