Current Blogging Goals!

When it comes to blogging, there is always something new to learn. In order to keep growing your audience and stay relevant, I believe it is crucial to set yourself blogging goals and do as much research as you can on how to achieve those goals. I wanted to share with you all my top 5 major blogging goals I have at the moment. I always feel super inspired and motivated reading other bloggers’ goals and really hope this post can do the same for you!

  • SEO

I am sure many of you are already aware of what SEO is and it’s importance for us as bloggers. For those of you who don’t, there is no need to worry as I too for the longest time had no idea what this was. I would constantly see this word being used by bloggers here and there and would instantly dismiss it as it all sound way too technical for my liking. SEO, short form for Search Engine Optimization basically requires you to do a variety of activities in order to optimize your blogposts for SEO- by doing so, your webpages will be listed higher on search engine results such as Google meaning more people can find your website, read your content and ultimately increase your traffic. I have already started doing my research on this and I am trying to learn and implement as much as I can; however I am still a little bit lost so this is definitely one of my major blogging goals. I would highly recommend any of you boggers out there to look in to SEO as it is said to have amazing benefits and really is not as hard to understand as it sounds.


I keep hearing bloggers say how you should not wait for opportunities to come to you but instead reach out to brands yourself and make the opportunities happen; however, I feel like for the longest time, something has always held me back from doing so. Thoughts such as “What brands should I reach out to? What should I write in the email? My blog isn’t big enough!, What if none of the brands reply to me? I should wait until I have this amount of followers or this amount of views” have not only held me back but filled me with self doubt. I have now realised that enough is enough and if I don’t take the leap, I will forever be stuck in this cycle. The time is never going to be right and I feel like all of us bloggers need to start believing in ourselves and the work that we do and know that we are worthy of such opportunities. After all, we spend hours of our day taking photographs, creating great content and promoting it. So, this is my second major goal which I am very excited to take on and truly believe I will see some great results!


I have literally been meaning to go self hosted with my blog for the longest time and I feel like writing it here in my blogging goals will perhaps make me more motivated to just do it already haha! I have read a lot that by investing in your blog and going self hosted, brands view you as a much serious blogger as opposed to not which I can totally understand why. I would love to know other bloggers thoughts on this matter and if you have recently gone self hosted, have you noticed any major positive changes come about from it. Anyways, this goal is definitely on top of my list so fingers crossed I can do it sooner rather than later!


Although I am currently happy with my content, I still want to improve it. Whether it is my writing style, my photos or the idea behind my blogposts- I want to make sure that my content is useful and fun for my audience to read. There is always room for improvement and so I definitely want to work on creating even better content for my readers.


When I first started blogging, I would spend hours reading blogs, not to say I still don’t do that but I have definitely fallen back on that a little bit. Not only does reading other bloggers’ content inspire me, but I always learn something new. Plus, we should all be supporting each other, no matter how big or small our blogs are and a great way of doing that is by reading each others content so that is my last blogging goal at the moment

What are your current blogging goals? Do you have any goals that are similar to mine? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading! xx

130 thoughts on “Current Blogging Goals!

  1. I had no idea about what SEO was about, but I’ll have to do some research on how I can improve it 🙂 I’m also considering going self-hosted, but I think I may wait a little, and if I still like it I’ll take the jump

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  2. I would love to go self hosted but it’s a big step I’m kind of scared of leaving the comfort zone WordPress offers! I would also love to do a branded post but don’t feel Im not big enough yet or worthy of someone letting me do a branded post ( if that makes any sense😂)

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  3. I’ve never thought of setting blogging goals this detailed, I think this post is really helpful for myself and others who want to improve their blog! Xx

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  4. Yes girl! I 100% agree!! This is such a brilliant post! I’m always trying to set myself new goals but can end up overwhelmed with it all, so I take each day as it comes but plan ahead as often as I can xo

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  5. I’ve yet to get my head around SEO, so this is on my list too!
    Even though I have a relatively small blog, I went self-hosted in the new year. At first, it took me a while to get used to and find the provider for me. Also, I migrated from blogger to WordPress which work in totally different ways. Practice and time make perfect though!

    Good luck with reaching your goals!

    Aimsy xoxo

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    1. Oh that’s so interesting! I sometimes wish I had just gone self hosted as soon as I started blogging haha but oh well! As for SEO, I know a lot of people can’t seem to understand it so I’m trying to read about it as much as I can! Thanks a lot, best of luck with yours too! Xx


  6. Nice post! I am right there with you with going self-hosted, I really want to do it but I don’t have a credit or debit card to pay for it. I think I’ll eventually get around to doing it.

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  7. I really want to start reaching out to more brands as well – I like to think that my SEO is relatively good, I’m self hosted and my following is growing, so I feel like it’s the time for me to reach out.. 🙊 Good luck to you in all of your goals, I would definitely recommend Pipdig when going self-hosted, he made the whole process so much easier and was definitely worth the money! 😍

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    1. Oh thanks for the recommendation as I am quite unsure about which self hosted website to go with!
      That’s so great, wish the best of luck with your blog and goals aswell! 😘💗


  8. I too need to work on my SEO but I am actually not sure how to do it. I know there are a few websites that will check on it for you, so maybe I will start there — and I am going to start reaching out to brands also! I am, however, self-hosted and my following is growing at a steady rate.

    Great goals — keep us posted on how you do! x


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  9. I also want to continue working on and increasing SEO and DA, I think that will also then help when attempting to get work out of my blog! I am also trying to grow my Instagram following as well by posting more and treating it like a mini blog

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

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  10. These goals are great, I’m also working on researching SEO and how to improve it and what it basically is… there’s so much to learn! I’m also going to be contacting some brands/companies which is a big step! I can’t wait to hear more about these once you’ve started completing them!
    Love, Cally x

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  11. These a re great goals to have. Honestly, I’ve been trying to grasp SEO for a year now as studying Journalism has taught me I 100% need it, it’s not as easy as it looks but we’ll get there! I often contact people to try and do interviews with them for assignments but I’m always sceptical of contacting brands which is strange, I definitely need to start contacting and connecting with more brands because it’s so beneficial. Even if they turn me down, at least I tried! I would honestly say that all our goals are the same. There’s so much to learn and I love blogging so I really want to make the most of it this year. Good luck!
    Luce xo

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    1. Thank you! I have just now come to realize how important and useful SEO really is! For me, it has more to do with feeling like I need to be big enough before contacting brands but I see so many smaller bloggers who approach them and seem to be doing amazing! I totally agree with you, the important part is trying! Best of luck to you with all yours goals aswell! 💗💗


  12. I’ve been blogging on and off for about 5 years, and only recently have I seen a substantial growth in my blog. These a great tips, and I’ve focused on creating honest relationships with those that read my blog, which I want to continue working on.

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    1. Those are some great goals! It’s always great to rethink your content and I’m sure as hard as it will be starting from scratch it will definitely be worth it! xx


  13. I’ve been telling myself to learn SEO FOREVER now. It gets so confusing at times! Definitely part of a reason I’ve let go of most of my blogs and switched over to

    But buying a self hosted site for seems a lot more pricey than just sticking to my hosting company now lol.

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  14. Hi all, for SEO, I suggest checking out After taking their SEO course for free with my library card, I saw tremendous improvements in the engagement and ranking of my blog on Google and Bing. I am all about setting goals and doing what it takes to accomplish them, so good for you. My goals are to get more comments – which means to genuinely intrigue folks to interact with my content, obtain more subscribers (build lasting relationships) and start adding affiliate marketing links of products I truly care about and are in line with my blog’s voice.

    Best, Jess ||

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    1. That sounds amazing! I will definitely be checking her out, so great to know it actually helped you with your rankings!
      That’s a really good, definitely something I need to work on aswell! xx

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  15. I love reading people’s current blogging goals! These are all fab- I’d always recommend reaching out to brands. Even just replying to a tweet on Twitter which is looking for bloggers, you never know! Good luck with them all 🙂 xxx

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  16. Learning and implementing SEO is also on my list, it’s been hard to understand so I’m doing research as well…. I also just recently updated my plan to go self hosting; I hesitated on it for so long but you’ll do it when your ready. My other goal is to develop my content more and put out valuable posts for my readers.

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  17. Great post! I also need to do my research on SEO as I always see people talking about it and about how much it helps their blog, but I have no clue what I’m doing when it comes to that kind of stuff! Haha.

    Sophie x –

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  18. This is a great post, I think by setting ourselves small goals and writing them somewhere everyone can see we are much more likely to try hard to achieve them! I hope you absolutely smash your goals, I always try to read other people’s blogs and join in with as many comment threads as I can because not only does it support other people it helps you to build a relationship with them! Going self-hosted sounds like a big step but I know a lot of bloggers have done it recently and have wrote posts on how easy it was so I’m sure you’ll be fine, I’ve heard Siteground is one of the best ones!

    Jess //

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    1. Thanks so much girl! I am considering siteground and most probably will go with it! I do my best to take part in comment threads as well as much as I can! Thanks for the lovely comment and best of luck with your goals too! xx

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  19. Very helpful and interesting to read. I am learning more about SEO. My blog is a little new and approaching brands myself I am not sure I will be able to do that hehehe. Improving my content is always on the list. I want to be better than I was before. I always read as much blog posts as possible but I am always short of time. I need to plan everything. Self hosted is a good idea. 🙂

    Via |

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    1. It can be a bit confusing at first, but I promise you, you will get the hang of it with a little research! I would definitely love to do a post on it once I get the hang of it! Thanks! xx


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