March Favourites 🌷

Happy April to you all! We are finally in the season of spring although here in UAE, only 2 seasons exist- which are winter and summer so to those of you get to actually experience this beautiful season, you are very lucky haha! Anyways, I got to try some really amazing products this month and I can not wait to share them with you all, so lets not waste anymore time and here are my March favourites!



I have already talked about how I had been wanting to get this foundation for the longest time due to the hype surrounding it in my recent beauty purchases blogpost but in short, this foundation definitely lives up to the hype. With light-medium coverage that is easily buildable, it blends in to the skin instantly giving a smooth and flawless finish with a barely there subtle glow. It does not exaggerate the texture or dry patches on my skin like many foundations tend to do. All in all, I highly recommend this foundation.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in 'barcelona'


Another product loved by many that definitely lived up to it’s hype. I have been using this all month to set my under eye concealer and do not think I will be stopping any time soon. I love how smooth and creaseless it makes my under eyes area look. It does not have any color to it as the name suggests which means you do not have to worry about that annoying flashback dilemma. Also, this product will last me a lifetime so it is definitely worth every penny and is apparently very comparable to the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder which is literally double (or triple, not quite sure) the price of this one!


I did not actually purchase this but my cousin forgot this over at my place before leaving and since she lives in another country, it basically meant that it is now forever mine and am I glad for that haha! I had never heard of these before and honestly I am shocked that not more people are talking about this product (or maybe they are and I have just been living under a rock haha). Not only does this liquid lipstick feel super comfortable on the lips, it has amazing lasting power, is super cheap and come on, how can you say no that beautiful shade (Rebel Rose)! It also has the most amazing wand as the shape of it makes it super easy to apply. I am SO impressed with this and highly recommend it!

wet n wild megalast liquid catsuit matte lipstick rebel rose

wet n wild megalast liquid catsuit matte lipstick rebel rose wand

wet n wild megalast liquid catsuit lipstick swatch


It seems like this brand can do no wrong as i have fallen in love with yet another one of their lip products besides the ‘Stunna’ lip paint that I have already reviewed in full details here. This ‘universal lip luminizer’ in ‘rose-nude’ shade has quickly gotten me in to the lip gloss phase again. It gives the most beautiful shine to my lips, without being overly sticky or wet. It also makes your lips look so much fuller and goes perfectly as a topper for any lip look. If you are in need of a lip gloss, I highly recommend this (you can thank me later)!

Fenty beauty glossbomb



A bit of a random one, but I have recently been obsessed with these chocolate wafers from Loacker. These were such a childhood favourite of mine and as you can tell, they still are!

Loacker Quadratini Chocolate Wafers


I am pretty sure you must be wondering what is this peculiar looking red liquid, well it is a juice made out of-as the name suggests Apple, Beetroot and Carrots. I actually pop in a little bit of lemon in there too but ABCL juice sounds way less cooler than ABC juice haha! Not only is this juice super healthy and packed with tons of nutrients/antioxidants but it is super easy to make and does not taste bad at all. My skin has actually been looking so much better these days and I have a feeling this juice might have something to do with it!

apple beetroot carrot juice

What were some of your favourites for the month of March?

Let me know in the comments! 

Thank you for reading xx


66 thoughts on “March Favourites 🌷

  1. Great post, I love blog posts like this because they introduce me to new products. I have that Nars foundation and absolutely love it. Their products have the best overall coverage. What would you recommend as the next best product on this list?

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  2. I also love the RCMA no colour powder! I was lucky enough to be given it by a colleague who bought it for themselves but couldn’t use it as it gave them a white cast over their makeup when they used it! Being pale I don’t have this issue as my face is practically as white as the powder anyway haha! I only tend to use it for baking if I’m going on a night out or want my makeup to last a super long time but it’s amazing!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

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    1. Oh that’s so interesting as this powder is known for not giving a white cast no matter what shade! That’s a great way of using it, I usually don’t bake so I just pat it on whatever areas I want to set! xx


  3. I love the Wet n Wild lipstick too. They are quite comfortable and have some really funky fun colors. I only have one but it is Emerald city and i love it

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  4. I love ABC juice! But I haven’t made it in ages, I’ve actually forgotten about it till I saw it in your post so I know what I will be making it soon! Your photographs are stunning!

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  5. The Wet N Wild liquid lipstick products looks amazing but not sure if I can get it in the UK, but one of my favourite liquid lipsticks I’ve been using this month is the MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Matte Liquid in 105!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

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  6. I was *just* talking to someone about the RCMA No Color Powder this morning! Does the packaging not put you off? I know it’s a great powder and it’s so much bang for your buck, but I’ve heard the packaging is a pain to deal with!

    Great picks! x


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    1. Omg yes it is! What I did is I transferred some of the powder to another container and I use it from there because I could not for the life of me figure out how to use it with this packaging haha! xx


  7. I swear by RCMA No Color Powder and have done for such a long time, I bloody love it as a product! That Wet N Wild shade is gorgeous as well, I wish it was easier to get it as a brand in the UK.. 😩

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  8. That colour for that Wet N Wild matte lip liquid is gorgeousss! I am yet to try any Fenty Beauty products, but would love to. Aha, you can’t stop munching on that Loacker wafer once you’re into it, can you? And ABC juice actually sounds nice! Great favourites 😉 x Ain

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    1. Thanks girl!
      Isn’t it just beautiful, I have a weak spot for such shades haha!
      You really should, I’m very impressed with that brand and haha, I’m so glad you can relate because I have to force myself to stop eating them all in one sitting! 😂

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  9. I love the Wet n Wild liquid lipsticks these are really amazing and so inexpensive. I have reviewed these a few months back. I need to get the RCMA powder and the Fenty beauty gloss sooooo bad. Love the juice I have never added apple to mine will definitely try. Those wafers are irresistible. I am not sure about the Nars foundation since I have oily skin. I love reading these monthly favorites. 🙂

    Via | http://glossnglitters.com

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    1. Thanks so much! I think it would still work fine for oily skin as it’s not super glowy! Wet n Wild is such a great brand isn’t is, I need to try more of their products! xx


  10. I loved a lot of products throughout March, particularly some a lot of new Revolution Pro products. The brow pencil is an excellent dupe for the ABH version. You’re yet another one who has been lovingly the Fenty Gloss, I’m so tempted to pick it up when I’m in Sephora! Wishing you a wonderful April lovely,
    Zara xx

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  11. Happy April! Love how the spring season is blooming! Oooh! Love these new products you’ve purchased! I like the shade of your new matte lipstick!

    Wafers are so delicious! I purposely avoid them because I am addicted XD.


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