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5 Makeup Products Worth The Hype!

I think i’m right to say that as beauty bloggers, although we love trying out new and different beauty products, there are always those few trusty products that we keep going back to no matter what. These holy grail products keep us slaying and looking our best at all times and our makeup collection would… Continue reading 5 Makeup Products Worth The Hype!


Have you been affected by Instagram’s Shadow Ban’?

Have you noticed your engagement on instagram reducing, follower count deteriorating or photos not showing up in hashtags?  If the answer is yes, then you most probably are a victim of the Instagram shadow ban which so many users have been affected by recently, including me. What is Instagram Shadow Ban? A shadow ban makes your… Continue reading Have you been affected by Instagram’s Shadow Ban’?


5 Tips To Get Your Highlight On Fleek 💫

One trend that has taken the whole beauty community by storm is highlighting. Whether it is a subtle glow or a ‘BAM, in your face’ type highlight, this trend has made its mark and has proven that it is here to stay. My highlighting techniques have changed with time as I’ve learned new methods and… Continue reading 5 Tips To Get Your Highlight On Fleek 💫

If We Were Having Coffee

If We Were Having Coffee…

Hello everybody, Recently I’ve been coming across a lot of these ‘if we were having coffee’ blog posts and i have to say i love the idea of it and since its so much fun for me to read them, i thought why not do one myself, especially because i rarely do any ‘catch up… Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee…

Makeup Looks

Makeup Of The Day ✨

Hey beauties, I’m here with yet another look today using The Jaclyn Hill Palette. I created this subtle green smoky eye and i really love the hint of yellow in it. I am absolutely in love with the lip combo i used for this makeup look which is Lime Crime lipstick in Elle mixed with… Continue reading Makeup Of The Day ✨


The Liebster Award #2

Hey guys! Today I’m here with the Liebster Award for which i was nominated by Hebah Pervaiz. I have to say i quite enjoy not only doing these types of awards posts but also reading them when others do it as i get to know other bloggers on a deeper level. Anyways, Hebah has some… Continue reading The Liebster Award #2


Follow me on Twitter! 💙

Hey guys! I just made a twitter account for this blog. (FINALLY!) I would love it if you guys could follow me on there or just leave your twitter username in the comments section and I’ll be sure to follow you! My Twitter: @hudapervez123 Thank you so much! xx