My Bag Essentials!

I’m sure most of you would agree with me when I say that it’s always interesting to see what others carry in their bags or what their ‘bag essentials’ are and that is why today I wanted to share with you my bag essentials.

I do add more things in my bag depending on where I’m going but these are the things that I always carry in my bag no matter what!


I got this bag from Call It Spring and I love it because this colour goes with all my outfits and it is quite spacious with many pockets in it.

Here’s what’s in it:


Rebecca Minkoff Wallet:


Elf Blotting Sheets:


Always comes in handy on the days i’m out and about and my face gets super oily.



Because i never know when the migraine is  going to hit me, the struggle is real!

H&M shades:


I’ve just been loving this specific style of shades recently, they look super cool and trendy.

Nivea Anti-perspirant Deodorant:


I love these mini sized deodorants, super easy to carry and this specific ones smells good and has great lasting power.

Nivea Moisturizer and C.O Bigelow’s Rose Salve:

The amount of times i’ve been in a hurry to get out the door and realized that i forgot to moisturize my hands and now they look super dry and wrinkly- not a good look! I love having these with me as their size makes them easy to fit in the bag and i can moisturize my hands whenever i want.

Baby Lips and Lime Crime Liquid Lipstick:

This baby lips is super handy for when my lips feel chapped and dry and i always need to retouch my lipsticks throughout the day no matter how long lasting it is. I’ve been loving this particular lime crime one in the shade ‘Elle’.

What are some of your bag essentials?

Thank you for reading! xx

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