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4 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic Through Twitter!

Social media is crucial for blog traffic; however knowing exactly which social media generates the most blog traffic can be confusing. I got quite a few comments on my ‘5 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic‘ blog post asking me how exactly twitter helps with blog traffic and today I will be sharing with you… Continue reading 4 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic Through Twitter!


Eyeshadow Tips & Tricks!

As a lover of all things makeup and beauty, i enjoy learning and improving my makeup application skills and but the one thing that i always seemed to struggle with the most was eye shadow, but you know what they say: practice makes perfect (not that i’m perfect in applying eye shadow by any means,… Continue reading Eyeshadow Tips & Tricks!


Have you been affected by Instagram’s Shadow Ban’?

Have you noticed your engagement on instagram reducing, follower count deteriorating or photos not showing up in hashtags?  If the answer is yes, then you most probably are a victim of the Instagram shadow ban which so many users have been affected by recently, including me. What is Instagram Shadow Ban? A shadow ban makes your… Continue reading Have you been affected by Instagram’s Shadow Ban’?


5 Tips To Get Your Highlight On Fleek 💫

One trend that has taken the whole beauty community by storm is highlighting. Whether it is a subtle glow or a ‘BAM, in your face’ type highlight, this trend has made its mark and has proven that it is here to stay. My highlighting techniques have changed with time as I’ve learned new methods and… Continue reading 5 Tips To Get Your Highlight On Fleek 💫

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My Top 5 Mascara Hacks!

Hey guys, Today, i wanted to share with you all my favorite tried and tested mascara hacks that will help you get amazing long and voluminous lashes. Now if you are someone like me who wasn’t blessed with naturally long lashes and can’t be bothered to wear false lashes, then these tips are definitely for… Continue reading My Top 5 Mascara Hacks!

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5 Tips For Successful Blogging

I’ve learned quite a few things throughout my journey as a blogger and still have so much more to learn; however, today i decided to share with you guys 5 things that i have come to know are crucial to becoming a better blogger and hence creating good quality blog posts, gaining more views/traffic and… Continue reading 5 Tips For Successful Blogging

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My Blogging Pet Peeves!

Hey guys, Today, I’ll be sharing with you guys my top 5 blogging pet peeves so let’s get in to it! Interaction: This has to be my no.1 pet peeve when it comes to bloggers. People who don’t take the time to reply to their comments or interact with their followers. For me, this is… Continue reading My Blogging Pet Peeves!

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How To Get Amazing Blog Photos 📷 (With Your Phone)

Photography is such an important aspect of blogging and it is definitely something i have become better at during the course of my blogging journey. Although looking back at my old photos now makes me cringe, i also feel happy and proud at the progress I’ve made. I still have a lot to learn and… Continue reading How To Get Amazing Blog Photos 📷 (With Your Phone)


5 Simple Ways To Relax After Long Day!

We all have those long stressful days that seem to drag on forever and on those days, it’s crucial to take some time to relax your mental and physical self. These 5 ways might sound obvious and quite simple; however, you would be surprised to find how less of us actually take the time to… Continue reading 5 Simple Ways To Relax After Long Day!