Summer is here and i have to say i have a love/hate relationship with this season. Living here in the UAE, we get to have the sun all year round and although i love that everyday is warm and bright, i definitely don’t like the extreme heat at this time of the year! (What’s the… Continue reading 🌼SUMMER BEAUTY FAVORITES🌼

Disappointing products

Disappointing Products!

Being a makeup junkie, i often come across the disappointment of buying a product and having it not live up to my expectations or being as amazing as i expected it to be. I’m the kind of person who does tons of research before purchasing beauty products so it really is a let down when… Continue reading Disappointing Products!

Product review

My Favourite On-The-Go Palette!

Hello everybody, This is going to be a pretty short post as i wanted to show you guys my favourite on-the-go palette that i’ve been loving for the past few months and i feel that it is quite underrated! The palette i am talking about is the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette ($29). I feel… Continue reading My Favourite On-The-Go Palette!