Beauty Wishlist

My Current Beauty Wishlist!

Being a beauty enthusiast, i’m always on the hunt to try out new and different beauty products. There’s never a time when i don’t have something or the other on my beauty wishlist and to be honest, if i were to mention each and every product that was on there, this blog post would never end… Continue reading My Current Beauty Wishlist!

Beauty haul

Mini Drugstore Haul (With Reviews)

I personally love reading and watching any haul related posts whether it be clothes, makeup or even groceries ( i guess i’m just nosy like that haha!) and so today i wanted to share with you guys a few things i picked up recently when was at my local drugstore. Some of the things were repeat… Continue reading Mini Drugstore Haul (With Reviews)

Followers Milestone

200-Thank You To My Amazing Followers!

Today, i got the notification of having reached 200 followers here on my blog and i truly feel proud, happy and super grateful! Having this blog not only allows me to share with you all something i’m so passionate about-makeup-but also getting inspired and learning from all of you beautiful people is a feeling like… Continue reading 200-Thank You To My Amazing Followers!

Disappointing products

Disappointing Products!

Being a makeup junkie, i often come across the disappointment of buying a product and having it not live up to my expectations or being as amazing as i expected it to be. I’m the kind of person who does tons of research before purchasing beauty products so it really is a let down when… Continue reading Disappointing Products!


The Versatile Blogger Award!

Hey beauties, Today i’m here with another blogger award for which i was nominated by the amazing Gilts&Glamz. I love reading her blog posts as she has some wonderful content so do check her out! Here are the rules: Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link their blog page. Share the award… Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Award!