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Current Night Time Skincare Routine!

I don’t often change up my skincare routine and that is why the last time I did one of these was literally a year ago. Since I have incorporated a few new products and techniques in my routine I decided it was about time to share with you all my current night time skincare routine… Continue reading Current Night Time Skincare Routine!

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5 Skincare Products You Need To Try!

Whether you are someone who loves to wear a lot of makeup or someone who likes to keep it natural, I believe we can all agree that proper skincare is key. Today, I wanted to share with you all my top 5 skincare products that I have been loving recently and that I highly recommend.… Continue reading 5 Skincare Products You Need To Try!

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Pamper Night Essentials🌙 (Collab with Lilli)

Hey guys! For todays post, I am doing a collab with Lilli from so don’t forget to check her post out! ☺️ Pamper nights are always fun to have but even more so at this time of the year when it’s cold outside. The thought of cozying up inside my house with my favorite… Continue reading Pamper Night Essentials🌙 (Collab with Lilli)


University Morning Routine!

Hey guys, There’s something about routine videos/blog posts that i find very fascinating, I guess i just love seeing people’s everyday activities haha, i’m nosy like that so today, i decided to share with you guys my super simple university morning routine so let’s get into it! I only go to university 3 times a… Continue reading University Morning Routine!

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My Night Time Skincare Routine!

Maintaining a skin care routine is essential to healthy looking skin and today i wanted to share with you guys my nighttime skincare routine. Although it can be quite difficult to stick to it, I absolutely love the feeling of going to bed and waking up with clean, hydrated skin and also the fact that… Continue reading My Night Time Skincare Routine!


My Current Night Time Routine!

Hey beauties, Today, i wanted to share with you guys my night time routine and this is actually pretty much what i do on most nights unless it’s the weekend and i have other plans, then it might be a little different so anyways let’s get into it! On a typical day, my night starts… Continue reading My Current Night Time Routine!


Winter Morning Routine!

Hello everybody, This is my first time doing one of these morning routine type blog posts and i hope you guys find it interesting enough to read haha so let’s get into it! Since i am in university, I basically have like 1 month off as i’ll be having my end of semester exams so taking… Continue reading Winter Morning Routine!


My Fast and Easy Foundation Routine

Hi guys, How are you all doing? Today i decided to share with you guys my simple foundation routine. I literally do this everyday and it barely takes anytime. I will share with you the products i use to make sure my foundation stays on all day and does not look cakey so let’s get… Continue reading My Fast and Easy Foundation Routine