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Liquid Lipsticks- Review đź’„

Hey guys,

 Liquid lipsticks are all the rage right now and so I decided to share my review and show you swatches of some of the liquid lipsticks I own.



These are the swatches and I will give my opinion on each from left to right.

Kat Von D liquid lipstick in ‘Lolita’ ($20).


In my opinion, this one of the best liquid lipsticks I’ve tried yet. It goes on smooth and it literally feels like you are wearing nothing on your lips which is a good thing. It’s not super drying. I was not impressed with its staying power; however, if you don’t eat it lasts me upto 4-5 hours. Definitely worth it in my opinion. This is the most popular colour in the Kat von D liquid lipstick collection and i absolutely love it. It is known as a ‘chestnut rose’ colour.

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in ‘Cannes'($6).


I absolutely love these especially for the price. They feel smooth and creamy on the lips and although the colour is sheer, you can apply numerous coats to darken it. My biggest problem with liquid lipsticks is when they are too drying and exaggerate the creases on my lips. This does none of that. It doesn’t last too long on the lips though (2-3 hours ) but for the price, these are great liquid lipsticks. The colour I got is a beautiful sheer pink described as ‘muted muave’. It’s a nice everyday natural lip colour.

LA Splash Smitten LipTint Mousse in ‘Lovestruck’ ($14).


I was unsure of this in the beggining however after a few times of applying it i really liked it. It’s staying power is AMAZING as it stays on my lips until i remove it myself. It can be a little drying but it’s manageable. It’s good price wise as its not too expensive.

Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick ($17).


In my opinion this was not worth the price as there are so many other brands with a similar shade and better quality liquid lipstick. This had a really strong minty smell which I didn’t mind but some people would. I also felt like there was this sticky feeling on my lips after applying it that didn’t go away. It’s staying power is average (3-4 hours). All in all, not that bad but not that amazing either.

Colorpop Ultra Matte Lip ($6).


Colorpop liquid lipsticks are amazing considering how cheap they are; however, that is if you are comfortable with it’s extremely drying formuala as this one has. It’s staying power is good and I love this ‘dusty warm terracotta’ colour. All in all its an amazing bargain.

These are my thoughts on some of the liquid lipsticks I own. I hope it was helpful to anyone wanting try out a different brand.

Thanks for reading! ❤️


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