Lemon Scrub?!

Hey Beauties,

I wanted to share with you guys an all natural, simple and effective skin scrub that i’ve been using for quite a while now and you only need 3 things! Now we all know how expensive some of these skin care products can be these days and you can never be too sure with all the chemicals they put in them. Kandee Johnson made a video about this lemon sugar scrub and since then, i have been loving using it.

It’s perfect for those days when my skin feels extra dull and dry and when i just don’t have the time to give my skin a whole facial.

This is what you will need:image1

Wet your face with warm water (warm water will help open the pores). Soak the cotton pad with some fresh lemon juice and sprinkle 1 teaspoon of sugar on it and start scrubbing the face. This instantly makes my skin feel super soft and fresh and all the texture around my nose disappears!

Benefits of lemon for the skin:

  • Heals acne and removes blackheads
  • Lightens dark/sunspots and blemishes
  • Gets rid of oily skin
  • Helps remove dirt and bacteria while moisturizing your skin at the same time

I hope you guys found this super simple, easy and all natural lemon sugar scrub helpful. You can do this daily or weekly depending on how sensitive your skin is to the lemon. I’m sorry for this short post but due to midterms, i barely had time this week; however i’ll be back next week with some great stuff!

Thanks for reading and until next time XX.

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