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5 Beauty Hacks You NEED To Know !

After doing my ‘Testing out Pinterest Beauty Hacks’ blogpost which you can check out here , i got inspired to test out some more beauty hacks. So, here i am today with 5 super simple and easy beauty hacks that anyone can do and will hopefully make your life easier when it comes to beauty, so let’s get into it!

  • Using a nude lipstick to create your own customized lip shade

Do you guys have that one nude lipstick in your makeup collection that just washes out your face and makes you look like a zombie? If so, this hack is for you. This is what you will need:


For this hack, you can use any bright or deep shades of lipsticks that you own. Apply it to your lips and on top of that, apply a coat of your nude lipstick and voila! You have just created a new lip shade for yourself and that nude lipstick can finally come to some use!


  • Mattify any lipstick you own

This hack is so famous and i’m sure many of you have already heard about it, but have you actually tried it? Surprisingly, i hadn’t actually tried this hack until recently and i was super happy with the results. What you need:


What’s so amazing about this hack is that it provides your lips with all the hydration that a typical lipstick would but with the added benefit of it looking matte instead of glossy. I am so obsessed with this trick and will definitely be using it a lot now!

  • Use lipstick as a cream blush

Out of your favorite cream blush? Don’t worry as according to this hack, lipstick will give your cheeks the same natural flush of color that your cream blush would. You will need:


Make sure to not directly apply the lipstick onto your cheeks as it probably won’t get blended that way, instead apply it onto a makeup brush and then blend it onto your cheeks.

  • Use eyeshadow as a highlighter:

When i first found this hack, i was super excited about it since i love highlighters! I used my Morphe palette for this and added a little bit of those two shades in the picture below:


Make sure to use a light hand when applying the eyeshadow to your cheeks as they tend to be super pigmented but other than that , i love this hack since this eyeshadow gave my cheeks a beautiful glow and now i have so many more choices when it comes to highlighting my face!


  • Use scotch tape to get rid of eye shadow fall out

Don’t you just hate it when your perfectly flawless foundation base is ruined by tons of eyeshadow fall out? If so, this one’s for you!


All you have to do it wrap the scotch tape around your fingers with the sticky side outside and then just tap it wherever the fallout is and voila! it’s all gone. I was quite surprised by this hack as i had never heard of it before, but let me tell you, it works amazingly!

Do you have any cool beauty hacks that you can not live without? If so, let me know!

So, those are my 5 beauty hacks that i love and swear by and hopefully you guys try them out and find them helpful!

Thank you for reading! xx

23 thoughts on “5 Beauty Hacks You NEED To Know !

      1. No problem keep it up your doing great with the hacks my blog had a bit of issue and just started it so have you done a blog piece on what to do and what to talk about that will do very well for you.

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  1. I’m sure you may have already heard of these, but using baby powder as a dry shampoo, and whenever I’m done curling my hair I flip my hair upside down and spray it all over again with hairspray. when I flip my hair back up again, it looks like a lion’s mane at first, but after a few minutes it will settle back down but still helps to add a ton of extra volume!

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    1. Ooo those are some really cool hacks, I actually have heard about them but I haven’t tried the hairspray one!
      I will definitely be trying that the next time I curl my hair. I could really do with some volume as my hair is super flat!


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