Sharing My Most Viewed/Liked Posts!

Hello everybody.

Isn’t it fun going through your old blogposts and seeing just how much you have improved and reading over all the old content you had previously written but perhaps forgotten about! Well, I was recently doing just that when I got the idea of sharing my all time most viewed/liked blogposts as it has been a while since I did the last one. So, here are my top 5 blogposts!

Valentines Day Makeupย 

This blogpost by far has the most views and likes compared to any other blogpost I have ever posted. I was so happy with the way this look came out. It is a super fun, flirty and easy look to do and I can see why so many of you liked it!


Makeup Of The Day

Another makeup look that was really liked by you all. This one was something quite different for me as I usually do not use such bright colours but I am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone. I have to say I was not super happy with the way this look came out as I feel like it could have been way better but it is the effort that counts am I right?!

5 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic!

I am so glad this post made it’s way through to my top viewed/liked posts as it is one that I truly believe can help out a lot of bloggers especially new ones. I wish I knew all these tips when I first started blogging as incorporating these 5 tips can literally make the biggest difference on your blog views/engagement and also in general just helping get your blog it ‘out there’!


5 Tips For Successful Blogging!

I can see you guys really appreciate my blogging tips haha! Well, this is another very useful one and I can totally see why it landed on my top 5 list. The 5 tips I mention in this post, as simple as they might seem are the basis for your blog and are very crucial if you want to succeed as a blogger!


Why Is Anxiety More Common Now?

This is one blogpost that I was super passionate about writing and I am so glad you all enjoyed and were interested in this topic just as much I was. This is a question that has nagged me for such a long time. Is our generation truly more anxiety ridden than the previous ones or is that just an illusion created by the increased awareness that allows people to come forward and speak about their struggles instead of suffering in silence like the previous generations did?


And that brings us to the end of this post. I really enjoyed doing this as not only did I get read some of my old content but it also made me figure out what type of stuff you all like to see from me!

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My Top 5 Most Viewed/Liked Blog Posts

Which one of these was your fav? Let me know in the comments!


42 thoughts on “Sharing My Most Viewed/Liked Posts!

  1. I love your blog xx this post lead me to loads of your other great posts and your blogging tips have given me great ideas of how to be more productive with the bucket loads of spare time I have xx thanks so much xx

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